8 Amazing Advantages Offered by Microsoft Search

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Microsoft Search is an exceptional feature, organizations can utilize to make work easier, quickly done, and to find everything they want faster. The biggest advantage with Microsoft Search is that it can bring all possible search results across the workplace, that increases productivity. It not only makes information retrieval secure but also combines with public web results which make the output look more sensible. Here are the 8 amazing advantages offered by Microsoft Search according to us.

Intelligent Search Saves Time

No doubt that this is the most intelligent search facility you can get to produce the most relevant search results for users in your organization. It utilizes AI to create boundless and contextual results that give the best value.

Enterprise-Grade Protection

Furthermore, it requires Azure Active Directory authentication to handle results from the trusted cloud. Apart from that, the authenticated users will be able to view those content they have access. A much-appreciated level of protection indeed.

Provide Authoritative Answers and Information

The facility is also capable to give answers and critical information that help users to process tasks related to policies, benefits, tools and more. It is also possible to target a specific group of users such as remote workers or new hires.

Search Entire Office 365 Apps from One Place

Another fantastic advantage is that Microsoft Search can bring results from various data sources in Office 365. Finding content or information from SharePoint, Teams, Groups, Yammer, OneDrive for businesses and more is made easier.

Easy to Run, and Ubiquitous

Moreover, it is very easy to deploy Microsoft Search. You can enable it from the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. Set the logo, color name and more by customizing the settings, and let the users access it from any device they prefer by simply signing into Bing.

Spot the Shared Files

Finding shared files and documents is made easier by using advanced query understanding. Users can quickly find files they have access, and documents they are collaborating on.

Cut Support Costs

Another great advantage is that Microsoft Search makes common answers easily available. This reduces the number of times the users need to content IT department, help desk, or support team for help.

Quicker Task Completion

You can enable task completion within work results by integrating PowerApps into your content. Faster task completion leads to better productivity and efficiency to your workforce.

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