There are many integrations available today that help improve contract lifecycle management. Here at Dock, we utilize several integrations to help provide powerful contract lifecycle management. Want to learn more about some key integrations that help with contract lifecycle management? Here is a guide to contract management integrations that will give you a broad overview. Today, we will discuss DocuSign as an integration option for contract management in more detail.

An Introduction to DocuSign

DocuSign is a very popular electronic signature solution that includes several features that increase the productivity and security of the contract signature step in contract lifecycle management. DocuSign is a great option for organizations, and Dock 365 includes the DocuSign integration within our Contract Management System for an easy electronic signature process. This integration is very widely-used, as DocuSign is leading in the market share with a figure of 74 percent. With more than 450,000 customers, millions of users, and over 180 countries where the product is in use, DocuSign is a proven integration that can really help your business.

Here at Dock, we offer DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and Sertifi so that you have several eSignature options at your disposal. The user satisfaction score of DocuSign is 98%, with an overall score of 8.6/10, making it a wonderful option to use during your contract management processes. Our contract management software embeds the eSignature abilities through APIs from DocuSign.

With DocuSign, you can attach e-signatures to your contracts within seconds, where you can send signature requests out swiftly within Dock’s platform. This means that you don’t have to create a different workflow for e-signature capture, and this results in a reduction of discrepancies by taking away the need for continued management and follow-up of signature captures when using DocuSign. DocuSign is also used in almost every industry: healthcare, communications, technology, insurance, and many, many others. This electronic signature integration is also used in various business departments including but not limited to, finance, procurement, sales, human resources, and more.

What to Look For in a Contract Management System

Evolve Your Electronic Signature Process with DocuSign

The DocuSign integration with the Dock 365 Contract Management System helps to increase the speed of your contract lifecycles and ease the administrative side of managing your contracts. Dock 365 and DocuSign can provide lower costs and provide a better experience for your customers. As DocuSign is embedded in our Contract Management System, it’s easy to ensure that your senders and signers are authentic. Keep your business competitive by using this secure and easy-to-use electronic signature integration.

By leveraging DocuSign as an electronic signature solution, you can increase your revenue by having a rapid signing process for your contracts. In addition, you can boost the productivity of your contract management processes because you’ll have more time on your hands to focus on key business tasks rather than administrative ones. By using the DocuSign electronic signature integration, you can also improve your company’s reputation by using one of the most competitive and well-reviewed solutions, creating a flexible and easy approach with the DocuSign electronic signature features. With DocuSign, you reduce costs by using less paper and save time spent on this step of contract management by reducing the data that needs updates It’s clear – using this integration can save your business tremendous amounts of both time and money. You eliminate paper-based systems, increase the productivity of your process, and improve the customer experience – a win-win all around.

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A Brief Overview of How The DocuSign Integration Works For Contract Management

By connecting to DocuSign, you can choose signers when configuring contract approval flows, and once the contract is ready for signature, the DocuSign integration does its job – meaning you get a fully signed and executed contract synced back to your Dock 365 Contract Management System. Your contract management admin simply needs to enable the DocuSign integration to get started. As you build your contract approval flow, you can select who needs to sign the contract once you upload the document. When various approval steps are completed and the document is ready for signature, you can add signature blocks into your document. Then DocuSign will send emails to the signing party or parties. Once the document has been signed by all necessary contributors, the document will be synced to your Dock 365 Contract Management System.

Take a services contract for example. When this contract is being configured with a particular vendor, the automated contract workflow sends the contract through a systematized sequence of preapproved steps ensuring that all obligations, contractual terms, and financial details are effectively overseen during various phases of contract lifecycle management such as contract review, contract negotiation, and contract approval. When reviews, negotiations, and approvals are effectively completed by both parties, then your Contract Management System signals DocuSign for the electronic signature step for the contract at hand. All key details and dates are saved within your centralized contract repository to ensure that you can easily access any information when needed. Your automated contract workflow utilizes DocuSign, where it electronically sends the contract off to the signer.

At this point, the now-signed document is received by your Contract Management System where your contractual stakeholders are sent an automated notification. From here, your flexible automated workflow will continue on with the remaining steps and tasks until the contract is made active. The DocuSign integration with your Dock 365 Contract Management System build overall efficiency and save an abundant amount of time. They do all of this while ensuring that your processes remain in integrity by overseeing a comprehensive record of each step within every stage of the contract lifecycle management process.

Dock and DocuSign: An Unbeatable Duo for Productive Contract Management

Dock’s contract lifecycle management integration with the world’s top electronic signature solution, DocuSign, has revolutionized the way that you can manage the signature step of your contracts. Because DocuSign provides a digital approach to capturing signatures for your contracts and associated documents, signing a contract remotely, securely, and even in bulk form are all possible with this powerful e-signature integration. Once a document is signed, it is stored in your Dock 365 Contract Management System with secure access capabilities and encryption of the data.

Integrity is very important in contract lifecycle management. With the appropriate integrations, you can improve the integrity and your confidence in your contract management. As Dock 365 has shown by integrating with DocuSign, your contract management workflows will be streamlined during contract approvals, appropriately documenting when contracts and documents are ready for electronic signature captures. With DocuSign, users can integrate the DocuSign services into the solutions and applications already used by the business. As previously mentioned, but worth mentioning again – DocuSign is by far the most commonly used software solution by business leaders today.

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Electronic signature has changed the game for contract lifecycle management. Here at Dock, there are several advanced and powerful integrations to choose from to help during your contract lifecycle management. DocuSign is simply one incredible option that you can use during the signature step, as it is very secure, fast, and user-friendly. You can optimize your contract lifecycle management with advanced capabilities and the key features offered by leveraging the DocuSign integration. Here at Dock, we are experts in improving the productivity and effectiveness of contract management processes, and we want to help businesses utilize several integrations features to revolutionize and streamline contract management.

Our Contract Management System is equipped with several amazing features that will help improve the quality of your contract management processes with the help of a SharePoint and Office 365-based collaborative software interface. Improve business dealings, increase contract compliance, reduce bottlenecks and turnaround times, enhance risk mitigation efforts, and completely overhaul contract management team productivity for the better with our contract management software.

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