How Project Management Solution and HRMS can Boost Productivity

Topics: Employee Productivity, Collaboration tools, Employee Engagement

Written by Alex K Joseph

Every business can achieve a competitive advantage over others by having a good team of employees. The question is whether you are utilizing them completely. Keeping the employees engaged and highly satisfied is the key to achieve great results. Every successful business on our planet is effectively maintaining their employees engaged and productive. To achieve this, you need to give your employees the freedom to engage with their work/team when and where they want. You can get this done by picking the right technology for them. Dock 365 is the best example of technology that can keep you engaged and productive every time. There are many tools like a project management solution that can be used to boost your employee productivity and engagement at work.



In this blog, we would like to enlighten you about 5 key factors that will help you solve 5 possible challenges your employees might face with their daily technology. Let’s give them the power and support to create the best work along with keeping all data information safe. Learn how tools like project management solution and HRMS can help your business and employees.

1. Pick Tools That Bring Them Together

Working as a team is the key for small and large businesses. The technology your employees are using daily should have amazing collaboration and communication facilities. As a first step assess your technology. See whether your intranet is providing external sharing capabilities, seamless document sharing & collaboration, and easy meetings setups. Ask the suggestions of your employees.

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2. Give Priority to Work/Life Balance

Work/life balance is one of the most important factors people are considering while the change in employment today. Giving control and freedom over tasks, schedules, meetings and working remotely have a great impact on productivity. Fairly applied policies and a simple yet efficient remote-work tool-set can get this right.

3. Pick Solutions That Bring Simplicity and Usability

When picking tools or technology for empowering employee collaboration and remote working requirements, you can either go for integrated solutions for a single provider, or individual applications from different vendors. Considering long-term value, it is recommended to opt for an integrated set of solutions from one vendor. This ensures simplicity and usability.

4. Uncompromised Quality of Work

It is essential to let your employees work without compromising on quality, from anywhere they want. Whether they are on the move or working from multiple locations every week, it is important that your business technology adapts to the situation well. Dock’s Intranet mobile app, project management solution and HRMS solutions are best examples.

5. Establish 24/7 Security

Security issues, data breaches and other incidents of compromised security will have a bad effect on your employee’s productivity and performance. A comprehensive business data security audit will give you what need to be addressed and how device management can be improved.

5 Keys to Keep Your Employees Productive and Engaged - Infographics

A SharePoint Intranet Portal can address all these issues and can keep your employees engaged and productive all day. You can integrate theses tools like, the project management solution for instance, in the SharePoint environment.

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