Importance of an Employee Onboarding Solution for your organization

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If you think that finding best profiles for your company is the sole motto of building a strong team, you are wrong. The process of onboarding new joiners is a tedious and challenging task where it needs to be ensured that recently joined candidates will be contented and productive workers. But for some companies, onboarding is mistaken as employee orientation. Orientation is just a task/item in employee onboarding. An onboarding process takes roughly about 2-3 months.

Things to focus during a standard onboarding process

To have a perfect onboarding mechanism, the new users need to adapt to the company onboarding stages in order to transform into an active member in lesser time period. This should also help the employees to enhance their productivity levels and the company also gets an opportunity to retain their employees.

Techniques for a perfect Employee Onboarding

You need to have a perfect plan for an efficient employee onboarding mechanism. Better to have the onboarding plan integrated with the recruitment plan. For short, the onboarding decision must be finalized when the employee is just hired. It should contain specific details like:

  1. Including new hire’s objectives and responsibilities in the solution (In Dock, you can add these details in the Notes section). It is recommended to collect these details during the interview process in order to avoid any misunderstanding.
  2. Before the new joiner joins for work, send out an email to all your employees informing about the new comer.
  3. Identify an employee who can be a peer to the new joiner – This person can help the new joiner with the onboarding process. It is important to choose a person who can be a role model for the new joiner and has a good attitude towards the assignment (In Dock, the tasks can be assigned to the desired employee and the HR can track the status for the same)
  4. Supervisors or managers should review the onboarding process periodically to ensure the effectiveness of the onboarding mechanism. They need to offer encouragement and while reviewing the progress, they need to provide feedbacks as well.
  5. Offering lunch with the entire department or the entire team treating a new hire is a great way to socialize and allow the new joiner to get to know his/her colleagues.
  6. Ensure that the new joiner receives his/her work area ready with phone, computer and stationary.
  7. Get feedback from your existing employees so you can make a perfect onboarding plan. The same goes with the offboarding mechanism. This will help the organization relieve employees with a good note.
  8. Blending Gamification with the Employee Onboarding mechanism is a creative way to boost up employee morale and process.

Overall, Employee Onboarding should familiarize new employees to enable him/her to become a contributing individual from the staff in the briefest period possible, while engaging the user for enhancing productivity and increasing the opportunity for the organization to retain their employees.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding is not a one-day or a one-month task. It is an ongoing task which starts with the decision to hire an employee until the person resigns from the organization. The HR Team can have a complete list of tasks that acts as a cycle maintaining the Employee records and tasks efficiently.

Employee Onboarding in Dock

We at Dock have developed a perfect Employee Onboarding solution that addresses all the items as discussed above.

This is how the dashboard looks like for Dock’s Employee Onboarding:

Dock_Employee Onboarding Dashboard

Upon clicking on the user profile, you get to a view more page which is even more interesting!

Dock_Employee Onboarding_View

To see a quick demo of our Employee Onboarding feature, 

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