Office 365 based Project Management Solution has better User Adoption-Why?

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A whopping 155 million  users use Microsoft Office 365 to complete their everyday business activities. The web based business application platform has limitless potential when it comes to empowering users, improving collaboration, communication and productivity. But there's more to Office 365 than just collaboration tools. The platform has immense Project Management capabilities . Several applications like Planner, To-Do, Project Online are available for Office 365 subscribers to efficiently manage their tasks and projects.

In case you need a more customized project management solution, get ready for Dock NextGen Project Management Solution. The platform is built on Office 365 and SharePoint. Click here or watch the video to know more.



What makes our solution different ?

Powered by Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint, It allows you to manage  projects and tasks with a single login in a secure Office 365 environment.

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When it comes to user adoption, Office 365 based Project Management Solutions like Dock NextGen solution do really well. Without further ado, let's get started.


Unmatched Flexibility

With a central repository for data, silos are eliminated. Additionally the mobile-friendly features, enable users to access data from anywhere and anytime. This speeds up the workflows as employees can work more flexibly. Not just about workflows, subscribers can enjoy the same flexibility for projects. Be it an easy project or a complex one involving hundreds of people.  


Excellent Integration

Integration is a highly important from the project management perspective. Powered by Office 365, integration comes naturally as with other Microsoft products. Thus, eliminating the need to use 3rd party software. The seamless integration ensures that you have a comprehensive set of tools required to complete a project successfully. 


Advanced Customization

Do you want a customized project portal ? Are you a control freak who loves to organize  documents in a particular way.Then, our NextGen solution is something you will love. Done with pre-defined project statues ? Create your own project statues! Yes, you heard that right. 

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Experience Dock NextGen solution, it is  completely customizable. 

Easy Data Access and Sharing 

Powered by Office 365, the platform enables users to easily share documents, files, latest version of project reports from anywhere and anytime in just few clicks. Whether you are in your cubicle or at the beach, take your project on the go. 


Simple Task Management

Tasks are an integral part of projects. With the NextGen solution, you can now easily add, create different tasks, assign it to project members and also set the status, start date, end date and priority.  Not just tasks, you can even add task details like Updates, Files and History.

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Easy Search

Living in a search-driven world, our lives are unimaginable without Google. The same logic applies for projects too. More than often you would need a document or file from a project that someone did 2 years ago. As with SharePoint/Office 365 , NextGen solution comes with advanced search capabilities.

Come, Experience Dock NextGen Project Management Solution.

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