SharePoint Document Library Check In, Check Out and Versions Explained

Topics: Document Management, SharePoint Online

Written by Alex K Joseph

Check out, Check in and Versions are features that let you manage files exceptionally in SharePoint document library. When you want to edit a file, just check out the file, make necessary changes and check in the document back. When you check out a file it will be available for editing only for you. Apart from that, you can also discard check out to completely wipe out any changes you wish to undo. By doing this you can also ensure that it is not affecting the version history.

We have handpicked few popular questions that users raised regarding Check In, Check Out and Versions.

Are files checked saved automatically when a user checks them in?

No, the file will not be automatically saved while checking in. When you check out a file, you should save all the changes made before closing it. In case if you are editing using an Office 365 app, then it saves the changes when you close the document.

How to view who has files checked out?

One simple and easy way to find out who has filed checked out is to hover over the Checked Out icon. Another way is to add the Checked Out By column in the default view of the SharePoint document library.

Why is it important to enable versioning?

Tracking, restoring and viewing of documents and files are important processes that every organization should consider seriously. Major and minor versioning helps when you need to handle proposals, contracts and legal files that may require lengthy iterations at times. If you lose changes due to mistakes or errors, versioning will help to go back to a previous version safely.

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Can a user enable check out and versioning simultaneously?

Yes, users can enable check out and versioning simultaneously. Furthermore, if you are planning not to save any changes made, you can get that done by discarding the checkout. It will not affect the version history in that case.

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