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What are PowerApps and how to create it for a SharePoint List?

8/29/18 6:59 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Power Apps, SharePoint List, Office 365


Do you often come across PowerApps links and tiles while working in your Office 365 environment? Did you try it for 5 minutes and couldn’t really figure out what it is? In this post, let’s get started with PowerApps and we will go over how you can create PowerApp for a SharePoint List!

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How can a custom SharePoint intranet bring value to your business?

8/14/18 1:46 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Intranet Portal, Employee Productivity, Office 365, Power Apps, Document Management


SharePoint, an Office 365 family member celebrated its 17th anniversary this year has become key to the successful running of a productive digital workplace for many organizations. With collaboration at its core, SharePoint is being used by over 160 million users and 75,000 organizations worldwide. It has hands down emerged as the preferred Company Intranet choice for organizations

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How to Save Signatures from PowerApp to SharePoint Lists

6/28/18 6:58 AM / by Sajin Sahadevan posted in Power Apps


There are a couple of electronic signature applications available in the market today. What if the client isn't willing to pay an additional fee for the same? We have come across similar scenarios where real estate companies dropped the plan of integrating electronic signatures to the forms.

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