Why use Dock SharePoint for Employee Onboarding?

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Written by Sneha Gopal

Does the prospect of a new job excite you? But the very thought of onboarding kills the vibe! Did you wait for days just to get the login credentials for your work account or were you hovering from one PC to another while your workstation was being setup. You are not alone nearly, 4% of employees leave their new job after a disastrous first day and 33% decide to quit within first 30 days. There have been scores of employees who have been victims of unstructured employee onboarding programs.

And not just employees, it costs huge money to organizations as well. Based on a recent survey by Panopto Workplace Knowledge and Productivity Report, on an average a cost of $4.5 million is incurred due to inefficient onboarding. 

What’s the solution?

You can’t blame humans they tend to forget, get sick or may have a busy schedule. Thus, save time and money by automating your onboarding process with SharePoint based employee onboarding feature in Dock.

Efficient employee onboarding is vital for better employee engagement and retention. In fact, organizations with standard onboarding process experienced 54% greater new hire productivity and 50% greater new hire retention.

 Things to focus

While onboarding a new employee, the HR team needs to

  • Get the paperwork completed
  • Familiarize him/her with the company’s policies
  • Provide intensive training before starting regular work
  • Set up the login account
  • Allocate best technology, online tools and resources to perform his/her job
  • Acquaint the new hire with team to develop a good relationship with other team members
  • Inform the employees through e-mails about the new employee

 Easy Employee Onboarding with Dock

With so many tasks to complete, it’s imperative to have a structured and well-organized onboarding process that will enable the HR team as well the new employee to manage and track tasks and easily become an integral part of the workforce. Dock offers an efficient and intuitive onboarding program.

Below shown is Dock’ employee onboarding dashboard

Dock dashborad

Track and Manage Tasks

Unorganized onboarding process lacks the capability to track and manage tasks, but Dock offers enhanced capabilities when it comes to task management. As you can see in the below image, once you click the user profile, a clean task management section can be seen wherein you can

  • Add new task
  • See who has been assigned the task
  • What is the due date, priority, task status, etc.


Documents and Notes

Employee onboarding is not a one-day task it is an ongoing process and with Documents section, HR team can easily maintain all the employee documents and records efficiently as depicted below.



Users can add important information to the notes as shown in the screenshot below.


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