2021 Top Trends for Intranet Portal Features

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Written by Sajin Sahadevan

We have been witnessing lots of meaningful innovations and improvements making it simpler for the employees to perform tasks seamlessly. What are the key features for a successful company intranet portal?

Social collaboration, workflow management, and other engagement add-ons help in boosting an organization’s intranet portal in long run. At the end of the day, users need to get used to the portal and of course, save time during their work tasks.


So, what are the top trends for the Intranet Portal Technology in 2021? Even though we are in the third quarter of the year, here’s our list of features:

  1.  Engagement

Engagement refers to Intranet Engagement. Intranet Portals have been helping organizations boost employee communication and stay engaged for years. This year, there were a couple of improvements in team engagement features such as calendars, events, discussion boards etc. Let’s take the case of SharePoint based solutions like Dock Intranet Portal. With Microsoft’s frequent updates and Dock’s new capabilities, users are finding it beneficial for their work. Engagement is becoming one of the most important areas for measuring the intranet’s success.

  1. Internal/External Users

Internal user experience and external user experience has become equally important these days. Thanks to the growing possibilities of intranet portals; communications in businesses with both internal and external users have increased drastically. Organizations focus on the user experience and from there, the inputs allows the intranet portal to become much effective and efficient for every business.

  1. Company’s Digital Work-space

In 2021, the digital work-space was one of the largest trends. This will keep growing only when companies realize the benefits of moving towards digital. Intranet Portals are central towards the digital work-space and include lots of tools that are made available for the employees to complete their tasks and engage with their team without any hassle.  Setting up an easy and fast intranet portal like Dock can bring in positive changes right from the 1st day of your intranet implementation along with digital workplace strategy.

  1. Learning Integration

This is one of the emerging trends for Intranet Portals. Solutions will come with closer integration possibilities with LMS (Learning Management Systems) and Intranet Portals. Dock has got a dedicated Training Portal to capture training programs, registrations videos and learning materials associated with every event. With the growing needs of training and skill upgrades, learning systems integrated with Intranet Portals have become a necessity. This will encourage users to go through a personalized learning system across the company in an easier and integrated platform.

  1. Go Mobile!

Is your company intranet portal mobile responsive? Do you have a mobile app for the same? If it’s a no, it's high time that your company refocuses on intranet features for mobile devices. This is mandatory for the sales/business development personnel where they are always on-the-go. You cannot expect them to use desktops or laptops while traveling. It is important to have your intranet solution be user-friendly from any device, anytime, anywhere.

  1. Integration with industry top-notch solutions

If you are in an intention of surviving with an Intranet solution alone, you are wrong! There are Project Management solutions. HR Solutions out there in the market that cannot be compared with your intranet portal. So, what do you do? Integrate those solutions with your existing Intranet Portal.  This way, organizations can be well organized in terms of financials, Human Resources and Project Planning activities. Dock Intranet Portal can be integrated with Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and much more...

Well, Intranet Portals have shown great improvements to company culture and collaboration in the recent years. Currently, intranet exemplifies both social benefits and productivity enhancements for employees with an increase in company ROI and employee satisfaction.

Well, that’s it! The 6 top trends for Intranet Technology for 2021 discussed here will surely benefit your intranet and organization. 

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