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The Best Contract Management Software Tool in 2022: Automated Reminders

Is there a single “best” contract management software tool? Today, there are several advanced tools to support contract managers and business owners in developing a seamless, productive approach to contract lifecycle management. Below, we will highlight the utility of automated reminders and discuss how they can optimize your contract lifecycle management.

What Is a Breach of Contract?

The Definition of a Breach of Contract

A breach of contract occurs when one party violates agreed contractual terms and conditions within a given contract. For example, the failure of one party to deliver upon their promised obligations or to pay by a defined due date is considered a breach of contract.

Why Your Business Needs Contract Lifecycle Management Services

Contract lifecycle management certainly is not the most robust part of the modern business and transaction process. However, adopting effective contract lifecycle management services is essential to the health, scalability, and longevity of any business. By leveraging an approach to the contract lifecycle that allows users to rapidly update and upload compliant contracts according to the most current information, you proactively develop efficient contract administration and management that supports both your team and the client or vendor. Simply put, with contract lifecycle management (CLM) software, you can streamline the contract lifecycle for all involved and better serve your clients and vendors.

How to Record A Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Meetings are considered one of the most important commonly occurring business interactions conducted between colleagues, clients, and customers. Microsoft Teams increases the efficiency of these interactions with advanced, collaboration-friendly features. To schedule and host an online meeting is an easy feat. However, in this blog, we will teach you how to record a meeting so users can view them at a later time.

9 Benefits of Switching to Digital Contracts

Businesses and organizations are always looking to gain the competitive edge in any way possible. This often looks like implementing the most cutting-edge contract management software and associated business solutions. The technological advancements available today have nearly eliminated the need for paper-based contracting. When compared to a digital contracting method, it’s no surprise that manual contract management (full of printing and snail-mail) is inherently risk-prone and time-consumptive. So, transition to digital contracting so you can save time and money with a far more productive process. Companies far and wide are making the transition to digital contracts as a smarter, electronic contract alternative.

How To Create and Automate Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

NDAs are some of the most commonly created business contracts. Building them from scratch every time results in wasted time and increased bottlenecks for your legal department. Today, we’ll discuss how you can efficiently create and automate your NDAs.

What’s the Purpose of A Contract?

So, what’s the point of a contract anyway? And why are they so crucial to business success? We’ll take a look at several reasons that make the case for contracts.

What is Required in a Contract? Learn The 6 Elements of a Contract.

Building a compliant and accurate contract can prove to be a difficult task if you’re unaware of exactly what is required to create a legally valid contract. And at the core of any business transaction and business partnership is a contract. Whether you’re closing a deal or developing an agreement, a contract serves to lay the foundation for the rights of each party, as well as what they are contractually obligated to deliver upon.

How To Create A List in SharePoint from An Excel Spreadsheet

Microsoft Lists is a fantastic option for processing large amounts of data. You may be familiar with Excel Spreadsheets for storing and monitoring data lists. Excel spreadsheets continue to assist companies in managing data lists. Microsoft Lists is capable of efficiently processing and tracking data, so transitioning your spreadsheets to a SharePoint List is one of the best decisions you could make. In this blog, we'll explain how to create a list in SharePoint Online from an Excel Spreadsheet.

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