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Microsoft Introduces New AI-Powered To-Do Feature in Word

1/15/19 7:30 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft Word, Office 365, Collaboration


Technology advancements coupled with the AI boom have empowered tech giants like Microsoft to create a world of endless possibilities. Leveraging on this notion, Microsoft has launched AI-enabled features in its word processing tool. Get ready for the new features that are bound to make your life easier. 

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Understanding Modern experience in SharePoint

1/14/19 8:48 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Online, Navigation, Serach, SharePoint Hub Sites


Compelling, flexible and performant are some of the attributes that completely describe Modern experiences in SharePoint. Leveraging the modern experience, users can create beautiful, dynamic sites and pages that are mobile-ready. Everything said and done but how do you go about creating a modern experience for your organization?

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Exploring New AI-Powered Features in Microsoft 365

1/11/19 7:53 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Office 365


From Clippy the assistant to machine learning advancements, Microsoft has left no stone unturned when it comes to adding intelligent features to its Office suite. The all-new AI-powered features across Microsoft 365 will undoubtedly help users create their best work. Increased efficiency, broader audience reach, streamlined workflows-empower users to do more!

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