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4 Ways an Intranet Can Make Business Operations Better

6/21/19 7:32 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Corporate Intranet, Intranet Portal


A well-made intranet portal can enhance the way each department of your company runs. Business operations are an important process in the success and running of each business. Doesn’t matter what is the nature of your business, making business operations efficient and effortless is important. An intranet can help you get this right in many ways. We are here to explain the most important 4 ways through which an intranet can make business operations better.

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How Intranets Can Help Innovation in Companies?

6/19/19 8:50 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in SharePoint Intranet Portal


You will confront a lot of challenges while running an organization. Finding solutions to tackle all those obstacles and strengthening your organization, in terms of innovation and product/service quality is what determines the success you get to taste. An intranet can be considered as a tool or an inevitable technology that let you instill innovation in your business. Without Innovation, it will be hard to stay competitive in the modern world. Here, we will give you a deep insight into how an intranet can help innovation in companies.

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5 Extraordinary Things Dock 365 Do for Businesses

6/14/19 8:07 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Corporate Intranet


The original purpose of Dock 365 Corporate Intranet Portal is to help businesses become more productive and organized. Dock can easily turn into your organization’s digital workplace heart within weeks after deployment. As dedicated portals, features and facilities make users easily get going with Dock, you will get quick results for your investment for sure.

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