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How to Create and Edit Permission Levels in SharePoint Online?

3/7/19 10:05 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Online, Permission Level


Any SharePoint Online admin would surely want to control who can make changes on their site. For example, an admin might want employees in the research department to edit lists but employees in finance to only view it. This is where permissions and permissions levels step in. 

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3 Steps to Map a Master Page to a SharePoint Site

3/7/19 7:30 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in SharePoint Online, SharePoint Site


A master page is utilized to give continuity to the look and feel of the site pages in SharePoint. The overall layout and interface of the pages in a SharePoint site are defined by a master page. Navigation links, header and site actions menu are some examples for the elements in a master page. However, the main functionality of the master page is to define the shared framing elements across pages in your site.

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5 Impressive Features of SharePoint Team Sites in Office 365

3/5/19 9:57 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Office 365, SharePoint Intranet Portal, Collaboration, Communication, SharePoint Team Site


Wondering how to best use and configure your SharePoint team site to collaborate and communicate with both team members and partners, manage tasks, share reports, track events and much more. This blog post is a  guide to help you better leverage the SharePoint team site. 

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