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Transforming The Way You Collaborate With Microsoft Loop Components In Teams Chat

The brand-new Microsoft Loop offers users a dynamic and adaptable canvas to think, collaborate, and create. This visionary app comes with portable components that move freely across apps while staying in sync. 

5 New Features to SharePoint in April 2022

Microsoft frequently updates and adds additional features to SharePoint and related technology. Recent Microsoft updates demonstrate how they prioritize teamwork and the employee experience. We will discuss the top 5 new features rolled out to SharePoint in April 2022.

How to Change the Home Site in SharePoint Online

There are several scenarios that necessitate the change of the home Site in SharePoint Online. To properly change your SharePoint Online Home Site, we've created a tutorial below to walk you through the process so you can change the site properly. To start, the SharePoint Home Site is the landing page in which all users come first when they enter your organization’s SharePoint environment or intranet. It should have links to all important portals, resources, document libraries, conversations, news, and events in your organization. This makes it very important to plan and design your home site precisely. Before getting into how to change home site in SharePoint Online, let's first learn about how to prepare for the home site change.

How To Set Up Global Navigation in the SharePoint App Bar

The SharePoint app bar makes it easy to navigate to your sites, files, lists, and news posts. Global navigation is a key highlight of the SharePoint app bar that allows users to configure common navigation to the most important and commonly-used resources and content in your organization’s SharePoint environment. In this blog, we will show you how to set up the Global navigation facility in your SharePoint app bar.

How To Use the SharePoint App Bar

The SharePoint App Bar makes it easier to discover content and resources in your SharePoint environment, enhancing the overall SharePoint experience in multiple ways. In this blog, we discuss how to maximize your use of the SharePoint App bar.

How To Use the Organization Chart Web Part in SharePoint

Businesses typically use a variety of ways to present their team's hierarchy. In light of this, it's necessary to have an organization chart readily available for your employees to view to gain clarity regarding roles and responsibilities. This blog explains how to use the Organization Chart web part in SharePoint.

How to Create a Collapsible FAQ Section in SharePoint Online

An easy way to help your audience find solutions to common issues is to provide an FAQ. Configuring an FAQ section wherever it is applicable is fairly simple. Product pages, home pages, help centers, and customer support portals are some of the common areas where an FAQ can be very helpful. With the assistance of the FAQ, you can provide your users with the support and answers they need, instantly.

How To Create a Megamenu in SharePoint Online

In recent years, Microsoft SharePoint has significantly improved, offering a more user-friendly UI. Today's SharePoint pages are easier to use and edit in comparison to classic SharePoint pages. While many users enjoy the classic SharePoint experience, the need for the SharePoint modern UI cannot be dismissed. In this blog, we will show you how to create a megamenu in SharePoint Online and how to optimize its configuration.

How To Add a News Post Button in SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint makes it easy to share, create, consume, and access content. Considering SharePoint's core features, it's evident that the solution is built for efficiency.  The ease provided by SharePoint allows for increased workplace productivity. With the News post feature, you can instantly share the latest news and updates with your internal teams and your entire organization. In this blog, we will teach you how to create a News post button in SharePoint.

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