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Understanding SharePoint Online Authentication

3/21/19 9:22 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Online, Security, Data Security


Office 365 and SharePoint Online serve a wide spectrum of customers with diverse usability and security needs. There are customers who don't mind numerous authentication prompts if it ultimately means their data will be secure on the other hand there are other customers who despise the sight of a login prompt.

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How to restore deleted files in new SharePoint Admin Center?

3/20/19 10:19 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Site, SharePoint Admin Center


When a global or SharePoint admin in Office 365 deletes a site, it is moved to the site collection Recycle Bin and retained for 93 days. After 93 days, sites and their content and settings are permanently deleted, including:

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5 Impressive Features of SharePoint Team Sites in Office 365

3/5/19 9:57 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Office 365, SharePoint Intranet Portal, Collaboration, Communication, SharePoint Team Site


Wondering how to best use and configure your SharePoint team site to collaborate and communicate with both team members and partners, manage tasks, share reports, track events and much more. This blog post is a  guide to help you better leverage the SharePoint team site. 

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