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Written by Sajin Sahadevan
I used to find it difficult to explain to a colleague or friend what I do; “I develop sites, workflows, forms for helping business perform better”. Doesn’t it sound evasive and dull? Let’s be honest!

These days, the workflows aren’t the necessity for corporations, but SMBs too and yes for any individual, for their productivity: avoid doing repetitive jobs.

Therefore, when I explain to people what I do, I tend to say like this:

"I build systems which can help people be more organized with the tools that you already own or didn’t know how to make use of it."

Yep we are talking about your smartphone, laptop, activity tracker or even the light switches at home. Depending on the solution used, the workflow term can be substituted with “recipe’, “rule”, “applet”, “flow” or “process”.

So, the word “Workflow for Everyone” which Nintex used couple of years ago is pretty true now, and across various ranges of services. With ZapierNintex Workflow CloudMicrosoft Flow, and others, there are many ways for automating your daily work. Please find the ones which I/ you may use to automate your business processes:


As a SharePoint Consultant, I need to work on various projects and customers in one week and won’t be able to pause for reporting on each project that I was working on. I use Dock Intranet Portal to log in my time tracks and each time I finish a task, I input the times in my mobile application, even for a 30 minute task! At the end of the month, the report is generated for each project that I had spent time on and dock intranet portal sends the report to the Project Lead for the record. Also, for my client meetings, I make use of the Expense Sheets too, so I get my reimbursements on time!


Well, the Out of the Box SharePoint Projects feature can do great stuff for improving productivity, dock Intranet Portal with Projects can do even better! I can manage my tasks, projects, project calendar, issue lists and much more with Dock Intranet Portal now!


At dock, we strive to maintain close relationship with our customers and it is important that they are well informed about the latest technology, our achievements and trends. We run an opt-in mailing list with a link to unsubscribe easily as well.

We use Hubspot CRM and Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage our Leads and Sales Cycle. This is also connected with our Marketing Application too.


Finally, if one FLOW is only to be used, it is to automatically save all the documents/attachments that comes in your Inbox to your OneDrive for Business.


Happy Productive Year to Everybody!

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