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How to Automate Daily Tasks with Power Automate App in Microsoft Teams

Getting tasks done without fail is an important process in every employee’s daily to-do list. Employers provide all kinds of support and tools to let them succeed with their target tasks. Microsoft’s various solutions are aligned with this main goal. In this blog post, we are going to talk about the new Power Automate app in Microsoft Teams, which can be used to automate daily tasks and make work easier and more effortless.

How SharePoint Intranet Enhance Team Collaboration?

Great collaboration and communication are important ingredients for a successful organization. Especially when the organization is working on a mobile enterprise work culture this is crucial. SharePoint Intranet has risen to these expectations of the modern organizations, and they are presenting features and tools that enhance team collaboration to a superior level. Here is how SharePoint Intranet Enhance Team Collaboration.


Our Experience with the Latest SharePoint Migration Tool v2

Hello everyone! Last month we had seen Microsoft’s announcement on the beta version of the SharePoint Migration Tool. The focus was to include support for SharePoint Lists, destination site creation and much more. Glad that the SharePoint Migration Tool 2.0 is here!

How to integrate bots with SharePoint Online or SharePoint Server 2016

Bots aren’t a customer oriented platform anymore. Companies are building lots of bots for handling different work processes such as Finance Tasks, Customer Service tasks, sales and marketing. With over 120 Million business users worldwide, Office 365 has become a standard solution for every business. It is possible to bring in bots on your intranet portal or SharePoint based websites.

How to Customize a SharePoint List Form with PowerApps

It’s simple to customize SharePoint list forms in Microsoft PowerApps. We used to follow InfoPath forms to customize SharePoint list forms earlier that took hours and hours of work. Thanks to Microsoft PowerApps, now we can quickly develop dynamic apps.

Benefits of Office 365 Tools to Connect & Engage Your Firstline Workers

You can invest in your Firstline Workers with Office 365 to meet the demands of today, tomorrow, and the future. The right tools extend beyond the office worker and into the field. Microsoft provides the right tools with cloud-based applications.

Building a Case Management System in SharePoint Intranet Portal

Good morning everyone! I thought of sharing some information about building a Case Management System within your SharePoint Intranet Portal. Don’t believe us? This blog showcases the features of a Case Management System we have developed on top of Dock SharePoint Intranet Portal.

Everything You Want to Know About the Power of Microsoft Graph API

You can use the Microsoft Graph API to interact with the data of millions of users in the Microsoft cloud. Use Microsoft Graph to build apps for organizations and consumers that connect to a wealth of resources, relationships, and intelligence, all through a single endpoint: Microsoft Graph.

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