How to create a filter in the URL?

Topics: Office 365, SharePoint, SharePoint Framework, SharePoint Intranet

Learn how to create a filter for a Power BI report and share a filtered Power BI report. You can also view useful information on how to grant access to users whom you have shared a report, to the underlying dataset. We have also included some troubleshooting information to achieve a good user experience with Power BI reports and dashboards.

  • Add ‘?filter=tablename/fieldname eq value’ to the end of the report page URL.
  • The field must consist of type number, datetime, or string.
  • If the name of the table is Store, name of the field is Territory, and value you wish to filter is NC, then the field will be ‘?filter=Store/Territory eq 'NC'’.
  • Your browser will then expand the field with special characters to represent slashes, spaces, and apostrophes.

How to share a filtered Power BI Report?

  • Go to the dashboard or report and choose Share.
  • Clear the Send email notification to recipients check box.
  • Send the link with the filter you created in the first stage.
  • You can also filter a report using query string parameters in the URL.

How to grant access to users whom you have shared a report, to the underlying dataset?

  • Navigate to the Datasets tab in your content list.
  • Look for the ellipsis near the dataset > Manage Permissions.
  • Click on Add user.
  • Enter the complete email address for distribution groups, individuals, or security groups.
  • Select Add.

How to troubleshoot Unable to Share dashboard or report error?

  • If you are seeing an Unable to share error message, it means you don’t have permission to reshare the underlying content of a report or dashboard.
  • You can achieve permission to share related reports or datasets from the report author.
  • Request for the re-sharing permission and share the reports and datasets easily.

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