Uploading Files and Folders to A Document Library

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Learn some useful tips and information about uploading files and folders to a Document Library in SharePoint. Know how to upload files to a SharePoint Document Library using the drag and drop method.

How to upload files to a SharePoint Document Library using the drag and drop method

  • Sign-in to SharePoint and go to the document library you wish to upload files.
  • Select the files or folders located on your computer.
  • Drag and drop the files into the Document Library page.
  • Note that uploading folders are not supported in Internet Explorer 11.

Tips to upload large or multiple files to a document library

  • To solve the errors that could occur while uploading large size files, you can use OneDrive Sync.
  • When using drag and drop, limit the number of files at a time to 100 or less.
  • A never-ending ‘Working On It’ error message may appear while uploading files exceeding 15 GB size.
  • Check out the ‘Microsoft Support: Internet Explorer error "connection timed out" when server does not respond’ solution to solve the issue.

Top tips to complete uploading without issues

  • Know the file types that are blocked for security reasons in the document library.
  • There might be restrictions on some document libraries regarding the file limit that can be uploaded at a time.
  • Document libraries can be set up to specific content types and fields.
  • Update Office if you don’t see the drag and drop option.

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What are the additional requirements one might encounter while uploading files and folders to the document library

  • When uploading files to a library that requires checkout, the file will be checked out to you at first.
  • Check the file in to allow other people to edit it.
  • For libraries configured to track versions, you can upload revised files as a new version of the existing file.
  • Consider adding comments to help others easily understand changes.
  • Fill the file properties form to make it easier for others to know more about the file.