How to Share Your Calendar in Outlook

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The benefits of sharing a calendar in Outlook will surely impress your team. It enhances your team’s efficiency and communication. You can balance assignments and events, along with saving time.

  • Sign in to and go to Calendar by clicking on the calendar icon at the bottom.
  • Click on Share and choose the calendar you wish to share.
  • Enter the user details of the person with whom you want to share the calendar.
  • Choose either Can view all details or Can edit option based on preference.
  • Choose Share.

Steps to change calendar sharing permissions

  • Go to Calendar by clicking on the calendar icon at the bottom.
  • Right-click on the preferred calendar and choose Sharing and permissions.
  • Spot the person for which you want to change the sharing permission.
  • You can either choose a new level of permissions or stop sharing with the person.

Steps to add another user’s calendar to your calendar view

  • You will receive an invitation as part of sharing someone else’s calendar with yours.
  • By clicking on Accept at the bottom of the message, you can add it to your calendar view.
  • You can perform rename, change, color, or remove actions after accepting.
  • Just right-click on the calendar in the left pane and choose the right option.

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How to publish your calendar

  • Select Settings > View all Outlook settings in the Calendar view.
  • Go to Calendar > Shared calendars.
  • Pick the calendar you wish to publish, and the details people can see from Publish a calendar
  • Click on Publish.