Understanding New SharePoint Admin Center

Written by Sneha Gopal

Right from document libraries to team sites, SharePoint users are in for a modern experience since last few years. But SharePoint Online Admin Center is something that hasn’t really changed over the years.The major drawback is the lack of  modern SharePoint Site Collections powered by Office 365 Groups. As the sites do not appear in the site collections list, you have to make use of PowerShell to manage these.

Officially announced at Microsoft Ignite, the all-new and modern SharePoint  Admin Center is here. Rejoice! Not just clean user interface but it comes with loads of improvements. 


View Reports 

With this feature, you can easily see at a glance on the homepage the number of total and active sites each day for the past 30 days and also the number of files that have specific types of activity each day for the past 30 days.

View Reports

Message Center

The Message center section in the home page provides the users a space to read and know all the official announcements about new and changed SharePoint features.It gives an overview of a change and how it may affect the users. This feature plays a crucial role in helping users manage upcoming changes.

Message Center

Service Health

Using the service health section a user can understand whether the SharePoint Online service is healthy, or if it is experiencing an active advisory or incident. 

Service Health

Managing Sites 

Now easily view all the SharePoint sites in your organization including new communication sites and sites that belong to Office 365 with the Active sites page of the new SharePoint admin center (preview).In addition, users can even create, search, sort and filter new sites.


 To know more about SharePoint Admin Center or Office 365, get in touch with our team of experts. 

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