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5 Best Benefits Of An Employee Self Service Portal

8/9/19 8:57 AM / by Alex K Joseph

Modern businesses are using plenty of software and business tools to get work done. Along with usual work, there are also other internal business processes that require time and effort of related individuals. The HR department is responsible for handling all queries and concerns of the employees. They must provide all the resources and support required by the employees to help them deliver the best performance. What if they can perform such tasks on their own? This is where the employee self-service portal gains its significance. Let’s discuss the 5 best benefits put forward by a self-service portal here.

Better Efficiency In Administrative Tasks

Tasks like requesting leave/time off, marking attendance, and other permission requests demands time and effort of people from the HR department. Employee self-service portals allow the employees to perform these tasks without anyone else’s support.

Updated Employee Information

It is difficult for an HR person to enter each employee’s personal and official details individually. Not only it is time-consuming, but it is a painful task. As employees can update their profile information at their convenience in an employee self-service portal, it can assure an up to date employee information database.

Better Data Security

Another tough task of the HR department is to store all data in physical folders and files. As employee self-service portals are utilizing cloud storage, it is now easier to store and retrieve data easily. When it comes to sensitive company data, this is the most secure way to store it.

Enhanced Employee Morale

The portal can also help employees to stay connected as a team. They can work, have fun, and share ideas through the portal effectively. There will be a comprehensive directory which will highlight birthdays, milestones, and other achievements, thus making the portal more social. Appreciations and motivational activities automatically create enhanced employee morale.

Minimize Environmental Impact

Modern businesses and organizations have a positive attitude towards the paperless work culture. Employee Self Service Portals and Intranets are a great way to go paperless and minimize environmental impact. Dock 365 is a fantastic SharePoint Intranet Portal that comes with an exceptional employee self-service portal. Learn more today!

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