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Alex Joseph is a Content Developer with explicit knowledge in Content Marketing and Microsoft Technologies. A writer by day, Alex is a night owl and a creative person. He is also a Movie Buff and DIYer.

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5 Stunning Features of Office 365 That Can Boost Productivity

5/24/19 7:52 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Office 365, Office 365 Adoption


Organizations around the world use Office 365 for getting tasks done with accuracy and perfection. The set of enterprise productivity apps included in the Office 365 list is amusing. You might not be using every app in the Office 365 set daily. However, considering the tasks and challenges that an organization face daily, each one of them will come into play one day or the other. There are plenty of Office 365 tools and tricks available to make it easier to process tasks and projects.

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User Experience in A Multi-Geo Environment Explained – Part 2

5/22/19 8:59 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Office 365, Intranet Portal, SharePoint Blog, Microsoft Search


We have explained a handful of instances regarding the end user experience in the Multi-Geo environment, in the first part of this blog. Let’s continue learning about some more instances in this streak, by putting more light into your understanding about a OneDrive Multi-Geo Configuration.

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How to Make Your Organization Ready for Digital Working

5/15/19 8:45 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Intranet Portal


When planning to establish a good digital workplace/environment for your organization, it is essential to have a comprehensive plan. It is not just about the knowledge of technology. Digital working is a concept or a complex process that affects every area or department in your organization. It changes the way your employees approach work, the way they communicate, workflows and more. In order to avoid any unwanted confusions or workflow mishaps, you shall ensure a good digital working readiness in your organization. This should be done prior to launching any new intranet portals or digital working culture across your organization. Here are 4 major areas you need to concentrate while preparing your organization for digital working.

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