How Internal Blogs Assure Intranet Portal Success

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Written by Alex K Joseph

When introducing a new intranet portal to an organization, it is important to check all necessary boxes to make employees like it. From having a good user interface, to features that make work easier, there are many things to foresee and organize. Company internal blogs can play a serious role in making employees stay in your new intranet portal. Internet is full of fun, informative, and innovative content. If you can make your internal blog interesting and fun for your employees, it will be a very effective strategy to make them stay in the intranet portal and interact with it longer.

Here are some tips to make this happen in simple steps.

Making Your Internal Blogs Great

Making your internal blogs interesting and worth spending time reading is the easiest way to utilize them for achieving intranet success. To get this done, you need to make a list of topics your employees would love to know through these blogs. Find out those topics the employees would love to read in your internal blog’s area and presenting them in a more fascinating tone.

Avoid Corporate Jargon While Writing

Instead of writing as a corporation talking about strictly following all the rules and regulations inside the office, talk to them like a person talking to them about new things that are about to happen in the workplace. It is fine to use some business jargon whenever necessary as your blogs are written for professionals after all. But ensure that you are maintaining a personal tone.

Let Everyone Contribute

If a single person is creating all content for the internal blogs, after a few weeks people will get bored with the content and they will start predicting what you will be probably publishing. They will start to quickly skim the blogs instead of reading them carefully. The best alternative is to find some employees who are good at writing and people who can share wonderful experiences and ideas consistently.

Have Fun With Content and Experiences

You can share fantastic stories, experiences and other content with the employees to keep them positive and happy every day. There will be many updates to publish, so present each of them in an interesting style.

How Internal Blogs Assure You Intranet Success

SharePoint Intranet comes with an excellent carousel panel in the home page to showcase all news and updates happening on your organization in style.

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