Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 Secure Store

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Written by Sajin Sahadevan

For organizations that have plans to move to Microsoft Office 365 (O365) or any other cloud offerings, the security, compliance and risk factors are complex. The users need to be well informed about how the security concepts changed and how they are presently implemented in cloud and mobile responsive environment. They regularly require working with security specialists for assessing the present condition of the security for the Cloud application that you're worried about and figuring out which security capabilities and functionalities you are and are not yet making utilization of. 

When working on Server/ On-Prem, things appeared to be relatively easier in some ways as our server farms that has hosted SharePoint, Skype for Business, Exchange etc. were within the corporate networks. They were more under our control, and we felt some level of solace from having the capacity to stop internet traffic at network boundary, more often than not through the firewalls or gateways.

With the advancements in cloud offerings, you'll be able to do work on the entire range of mobile gadgets, even with your personal devices. With the need to access services across anywhere in the world, moving to services that are server hosted and data centers (which is not under our control – where we lose our comfort). The assurance that we are handling the security of the important IT services or the feeling that you have given the security of the top authorities to others (the ones whom we can’t see and converse with). 

In actuality, services like O365 are secure that we have ever hoped for deploying in our own instances. It can have more control over how our services are secure than we ever had with On-Prem servers. The fact is that you may not be completely aware of the security features that are available for us to work on. 

Office 365 Secure Store is a security analysis tool that comes with your O365 package. It's developed for us to understand and move around with all the security features that is available in Office 365.

A new feature from Microsoft that was released early this year.

The purpose of this tool is to:

  1. Help us to comprehend our present security posture.
  2. Help us to understand which security features are being used and not yet used.
  3. Help us to understand the effect of taking off new security features to our users and admin, and what the security benefits are for us.
  4. Helping us to see how we can enhance the security posture and it even tracks the progress overtime.

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