Cloud Computing Fact VS Fiction

Topics: Collaboration, Employee Engagement, Cloud Migration

Written by Edwin Harrington


Cloud Computing allows you to store, access and share data from internet-connected devices in one central location. As Technology careers continue to grow across the U.S, it is time to realize the Cloud is more important than ever. In fact, cloud computing has created nearly 25 million jobs.

Cloud adoption is on the rise, as businesses are relying on cloud computing more and more as a part of their IT infrastructure. More companies are investing in Cloud computing; for example, Microsoft has committed 90% of it's R&D budget to cloud computing. In a survey by Gartner, it was reported that 86% of companies use at least one or more cloud or Saas service. In this blog, we're going to go over some facts and myths about cloud computing and why your team needs to put your heads in the Cloud.

Fact: The Cloud is Growing
Migration to the Cloud is growing as of 2017 340 million people moved to the Cloud for services. Business tools and solutions that are cloud-based are user-friendly can be customized and allows you always to have the most updated version of a tool, so no more outdated on-premise versions.

Fiction: The Cloud is a Fad
There's a lot more to look forward with the cloud as more businesses operate as a Saas based model and more enterprises adopt these platforms it entrenches the cloud legitimacy. As businesses require the need to be mobile and flexible the desire to have programs and platforms to meet this need will rise.

Fact: Reduced Deployment Time-Line
On-Premise software takes a lot of time to deploy and implement and train, not to mention it requires training your IT and support staff to be experts on these platforms as well taking months. But with Cloud-based systems like Dock's Contract Management Solution, your timeline for deployment is reduced to 1-2 weeks, and you provided extensive training and IT support.

Fiction: Cloud Software has low customization ability
This is not true; a lot of Sass services provide customization to build features and formulas for you on top of implementing Company branding across the service. Dock provides the capabilities of having a custom made features and feel, but the implementation of an out of the box solution.

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