Exploring Document Co-authoring in SharePoint

Topics: SharePoint, Collaboration, Productivity, Co-authoring

Written by Sneha Gopal

Bid adieu to the conventional document sharing methods and associated overhead costs.  Co-authoring functionality is here. SharePoint offers excellent co-authoring capabilities thus making it possible for multiple users to work on a document without interfering with each other's changes. They can access the document at any time from anywhere using any device. 

Epitomizing "Wisdom of the Crowds",  the results of co-authoring are way better than what a single individual can achieve. Co-authoring comes with  plethora of benefits not just in terms of quality and quantity of work but also reduction in time and cost. It plays a great role in promoting collaboration and social interaction. 

In SharePoint Online, co-authoring is enabled by default. 

Co-authoring  Word documents 

Co-authoring works bit differently in Word Online and native Word Application. But the good news is that it works! All thanks to the co-authoring feature, when multiple users work on the same document, they get to see each other's presence and changes they are making.

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Co-authoring PowerPoint Presentations

Ready to collaborate on the presentation at the same time?Open PowerPoint presentation, and click Share in the top-right corner.

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Once you start working on the presentation and if someone else starts working or viewing the presentation then their thumbnail picture appears in the top-right corner .You will receive alerts as and when people enter or leave the presentation. Further, you can also see the name of the person editing or viewing your presentation.


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Co-authoring Excel

Now  work on the Excel workbook without any limitations. Similar to Word, you will be notified of the presence of another person in the upper-right hand corner  and  also see each other's changes. 

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