Create A Distribution List in The Microsoft 365 Admin Center

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Distribution Lists Make It Easier to Send Messages to A Group or Category of People. Learn How to Create A Distribution List in The Microsoft 365 Admin Center, And Steps to Add A User or Contact to A Distribution List.

How to create a distribution list in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

  • Visit Microsoft 365 Admin center.
  • Pick Admin after selecting the app launcher icon.
  • From the left navigation pane, pick Groups.
  • Choose Distribution list from the dropdown under Type of group.
  • Enter name and description, and tap Add to create the distribution list.
  • Select Close to view your distribution list.

Steps to add a user or contact to a distribution list

  • Sign in to Office 365 with work or school account.
  • Click on the app launcher icon and choose Admin.
  • Pick Groups from the left navigation pane and select the preferred distribution list from the Groups page.
  • Click on Edit from the Members
  • View members page will appear. Click on Add members and select Close.

How to add a contact to Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Before adding a user or contact to a distribution list, you need to ensure that the contact already exists in the Admin Center.

  • Go to the Contacts
  • Pick Add a contact.
  • New contact page will appear.
  • Fill the necessary details and select Add to create the contact.
  • The contacts added in the admin center will be visible to you and your users as part of the global address list.

How to send an email as a distribution list in Office 365

To perform these steps, you need to be part of an Office 365 distribution list, and you should have ‘Send as permission’ on it.

  • Open Outlook on the web and enter inbox.
  • Open a message sent to the distribution list and select Reply.
  • Click on More > Show from, from the bottom of the message.  
  • Remove From address by right-clicking and select Remove.
  • Enter the distribution list in the same place and send the message.

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