SharePoint Trends and Techniques

Microsoft SharePoint is getting smarter and better each day. We will keep you updated with all exceptional capabilities and improvements SharePoint is turning into reality. Let's become more productive!

How to Get Started with Microsoft Search in Office

Microsoft Search is an intelligent search facility that helps you to find people, files, and everything you want to find within and even from outside your Microsoft ecosystem. Learn how to get started with Microsoft Search in Office, and how to get help for using an application from Microsoft Search.

Create A Distribution List in The Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Distribution Lists Make It Easier to Send Messages to A Group or Category of People. Learn How to Create A Distribution List in The Microsoft 365 Admin Center, And Steps to Add A User or Contact to A Distribution List.

Get Started with A Plan in Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner enables you to create a plan, assign tasks, make teams and a lot more things in just simple steps. This week we would like to give you tips to get started with a plan in Microsoft Planner and to add tasks to a plan.