How to Manage Pages in Your SharePoint Site?

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Knowledge about finding and managing pages in your SharePoint Sites gives you total control. The tips here let you find pages in a SharePoint Site effortlessly and enlighten you on how to restore a SharePoint Page to a previous version. Further, you can also learn how to unpublish a page and steps to turn external sharing On or Off for a site.
Pages library is where all pages are stored in your SharePoint Site.

How to find pages in your SharePoint Site?

  • You can visit Pages from the navigation to explore them.
  • If you do not see the desired page in the navigation, Visit Site settings.
  • Pick site contents and find Site pages.
  • You will now see the full list of pages.

How to restore a SharePoint Page to a previous version?

  • Visit pages
  • Choose Version history by right-clicking on the space between the page name and date.
  • Scroll the menu or click on the ellipse to spot the Version history.
  • From the Version history dialogue box, pick a version listed and hover next to it.
  • Click on the down arrow on the right side to view the list of options and select Restore.
  • Select Ok.

How to unpublish a page in SharePoint?

  • You can choose to unpublish a page if you do not want your page to be found or visited by others.
  • Visit the Pages
  • Pick the desired page you want to unpublish.
  • Click the ellipse and choose More.
  • Click on Unpublish to complete the process.

How to turn external sharing On or Off for a site?

  • Visit
  • Pick SharePoint placed under the Admin Center.
  • From the left pane of the new SharePoint Admin Center, pick Active sites placed under Sites.
  • Choose the site and select Sharing.
  • From the External sharing dialogue box, pick the suitable external sharing options.
  • Click Save.

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