SharePoint design principles

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This week’s SharePoint tips gives you information about creating a site design and some of the main characteristics of the SharePoint design principles. You can also get some useful tips on authoring pages in a SharePoint Site.

How to create a site design and register it in SharePoint?

  • Visit the SharePoint start page on your developer tenant.
  • Pick Create site.
  • Team site and Communication site modern template sites will be seen.
  • Select Communication site.
  • From the Choose a design box, pick either Topic, Showcase, or Blank.
  • SharePoint then creates the new site and runs site scripts for the site design.

What are the main characteristics of SharePoint Design Principles?

  • Fast and Optimistic.
  • Authentic and Useful.
  • Futuristic.
  • Optimized and Accessible.
  • Dynamic and Alive.

Tips to consider while authoring pages in a SharePoint Site

  • You need to have nice familiarity with the SharePoint Environment.
  • Make a good understanding of the purpose and for whom you are designing the page.
  • Keep it simple and work on ideas that are proven.
  • Keep the audience in mind and the goals they want to achieve from the site.

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What are the different modes involved with the SharePoint authoring experience?

  • Edit and Published.
  • The function of the Edit mode is to let page authors add and configure the web parts to add content to a page.
  • The Published mode let the audience of your team to view the content and make necessary interactions with the available web parts.
  • To allow users to view all page contents on mobile devices, all SharePoint Pages are made responsive by default.