SharePoint Trends and Techniques

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How to Manage Microsoft Teams?

Learn how to set up release option in Office 365, and how to create a team in Microsoft Teams from this week’s SharePoint Tips. You can also gain easy tricks to add a team owner and create a channel in Microsoft Teams. Have you accidentally made any change or any of your files got corrupted? See how you can restore OneDrive to a previous time.

How to Manage Pages in Your SharePoint Site?

Knowledge about finding and managing pages in your SharePoint Sites gives you total control. The tips here let you find pages in a SharePoint Site effortlessly and enlighten you on how to restore a SharePoint Page to a previous version. Further, you can also learn how to unpublish a page and steps to turn external sharing On or Off for a site.
Pages library is where all pages are stored in your SharePoint Site.

How to Install the Page Diagnostics Tool?

Page diagnostics tool for SharePoint Online can help you enhance the performance of SharePoint. Learn how to install the Page Diagnostics Tool and analyze classic publishing pages and pages on classic team sites. Get to know tips to use the Diagnostics Tab and the Network Trace Tab. Furthermore, you can learn how to enable the Microsoft Support Level Feature.

Tips to Process the Tasks Effectively

The first step to start monitoring the apps is to add them to the list of apps you wish to track. Here are some handy tips to process the tasks effectively.

Configure Office 365 for SharePoint Hybrid

Learn how to configure Office 365 for SharePoint Hybrid, and what are the services required for hybrid deployments in SharePoint Server. You can also get information on steps involved in setting up Managed Metadata service, My Sites, and User Profile service.

SharePoint design principles

This week’s SharePoint tips gives you information about creating a site design and some of the main characteristics of the SharePoint design principles. You can also get some useful tips on authoring pages in a SharePoint Site.

Troubleshooting Shared Calendars in Outlook

Tips to solve issues with edit/sync shared calendars after migration

  • Ensure that your calendars and email sync correctly.
  • For that, you need to reconnect your account to Outlook for Windows.
  • To do that you can create a new Outlook profile and add your account.
  • Once it is done, delete your old profile.

Tips to solve issues with editing a shared calendar in Outlook 2016

  • You cannot use Outlook on Windows to edit Shared calendars with your account.
  • This applies even if you have reconnected your account to Outlook.
  • Outlook 2016 for Windows possibly allows editing shared calendars.
  • You can edit a shared calendar by going online to your own calendar.

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Manage Projects on A SharePoint Team Site

SharePoint Team Sites can be utilized for project management by preparing them for specific tasks and processes. Learn how to manage projects on a SharePoint Team site by knowing tips to plan and manage a project.