How to check out a file from a document library?

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Check Out, Check In and Versions are important features that let users manage files and documents in a library effectively. Learn how to check out and check in files to a SharePoint Document Library. You can also discover how to discard a check out from a document library, and steps to make it mandatory to check out a file before editing.

  • Go to the library with the file, hover over the file and select the check mark.
  • Select the ellipse (…) from the toolbar, and pick Check Out.
  • Click on the refresh icon to know the progress of the check out process.
  • Once the file is checked out, you can see a green arrow over it.

How to check in a file to a document library?

  • Enter the library with the file you want to check in.
  • Click the check mark found while hovering over the file.
  • Select the ellipse from the toolbar and choose Check In.
  • Add any comments or description of the changes you made in the dialogue box.
  • Click Check In when you are done.

Steps to discard a check-out from a document library

  • Go to the library and hover over the file to select the check mark.
  • Pick Discard Check Out by clicking the ellipses from the toolbar.
  • Click on Discard Check Out in the confirmation dialogue box that appears.
  • Click on the icon above the Discard Check Out message to confirm the file’s check out status.

Steps to make it mandatory to check out a file before editing

  • Go to the library in which you want to configure the settings.
  • Pick Library Settings by clicking on Settings.
  • Select Versioning Settings from the Settings Page.
  • From the Versioning Settings page, enable Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited by choosing Yes.

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