Tips for Naming your Intranet Portal

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Written by Sajin Sahadevan


Intranet and company culture has to go in parallel. If your intranet is not matching your company culture or site is so dry and boring, its high time that you look for a complete intranet portal with latest technology and clean user interface. If you see, Apple Inc. does a fantastic job in coming up with trendy and catchy names attached to their latest gadgets/technology. Try to get in a catchy name with a cool tagline on your intranet portal which eventually will help you build a strong brand and your employees will be motivated to use it and reflect your company culture.

So, what’s really important about naming your intranet? We found out an interesting interview of Mary Olsen, Delta Community talking to The Financial Brandabout their intranet site.

 “The Financial Brand interviewed Mary Olson, VP of Marketing, Delta Community, and talked about the credit unions’ creatively branded employee intranet, affectionately named “Simon”. Simon is the portal for all employee communications – the guy who knows what’s going on inside the credit union. But Simon is more than just an intranet. He is a full-fledged internal spokesman and mascot, complete with a costume and foam head.”

With an intranet name or creating intranet identity with personality is the best start for building your intranet branding which can spread the word about company morale and values. Since there is no top-level, lower-level management classification in intranet portals, attaching personality will surely make employees feel free to express their views and criticisms.

Some great Tips:

  1. Make sure to that you are naming your intranet portal along with your company style and culture.
  2. Frame a friendly/catchy name that you will be able to build a campaign around (How’s Dock Intranet Portal sound like? Awesome right?).
  3. You may use a name which strongly reflects towards the goals you had defined for intranet.
  4. Using tagline that highlights the intention of using intranet will be a great choice.
  5. Select the name which can be applicable for future technology and growth.
  6. Engage your employees: Simply run a contest with your colleagues looking for the best intranet portal name!

Now let’s look at some Intranet Name Samples:-

  • Company Buzz
  • Society Today
  • Inner Circle
  • Nearby
  • Inside ME
  • The Mirror
  • Instaportal
  • iPortal
  • Employee Hub

More Resources

If you need to learn more on intranet portal names, check out the Step Two Design post on Naming the Intranet. I think it gives out lot of good information for you to consider when deciding on the right name for your intranet portal.

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