Why SharePoint Online for your Company Intranet?

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Written by Sajin Sahadevan

We have worked on several company intranet Projects and Content Management Solutions since 2001. Looking forward, Intranet has become an inevitable part of our business. With our SharePoint expertise over these years, we have developed a Ready-to-Go Intranet called Dock Intranet Portal.


I bet every organization these days are considering collaborative suites to improve process and productivity within their workforce. We have provided several SharePoint Consulting services throughout the process of creating an Employee Intranet Portal from Larger to Mid-Sized Organizations in the United States. With the Office 365 collaboration capabilities, companies can utilize their Intranet Portals along with Office Online Suites, Yammer, Microsoft Team, Power BI, Planner, Microsoft Project and more! SharePoint is not merely a document management tool – but a complete platform to empower your team to work with tools on daily basis with digital transformation.

There are several Intranet Suites available in the market these days, but why SharePoint Online? Probably you need to check out the below information to take a call:

Support from Microsoft

If you are looking for a communication tool for your team and to send small files within each other, the best option is to start using Yammer, which is an enterprise social media platform within Office 365. Today, most of the intranet solutions come with extended collaboration capabilities with great user interfaces. Microsoft SharePoint has leveraged these requirements and ranks number one in terms of collaboration platforms. It’s very user friendly and effectively manages content available on both cloud and server offerings.

Analyze Your Requirements

The very first thing you need to do is a requirement gathering session with your team. Jot down every detail from each one of your team members. Are you looking for a simple SharePoint Template? I do admit that we all want our intranet portal to look fancy, but focus on the organization objectives first before implementing. End of the day, your intranet portal should be “useable” – which means your employees need to be motivated to use it. They should be able to find answers to the queries they are looking for and require task management tools, organization calendars, employee directory and news feeds. First, find out if SharePoint is the right fit for your organization; second, prioritize the important features for your intranet portal. If you don’t have a requirement for building collaborative workspaces and lot of documents, SharePoint is not your choice. Weighing on the results of the analysis go through some SharePoint intranet examples.

Evaluating Beyond Microsoft Technology

Microsoft is not the sole provider of Intranet Portals and you may look for the alternatives if you wish. Again, this depends on your requirement. If you are already subscribed to Office 365 or other Microsoft Platform, you should be choosing SharePoint Online because all your business applications come under one roof and most important - Cost Effective

Please note that SharePoint Online is a platform and not a Ready-to-Go Solution. Although it comes with your Office 365 Subscription, it requires configuration and minor customizations to start with. There are SharePoint Templates available today to make things much easier for you to start with.

The best way is to look for Turnkey Intranet Portals powered by Microsoft SharePoint. You may search for SharePoint powered Intranet Portals in Collab365 Directory where you can find several intranet solutions that can satisfy your needs.


If you are extensively looking for an intranet portal and haven’t figured out where to start, no worries, our SharePoint Experts can guide you to the right path. Get in touch with our team today to find all your answers to kick start your Intranet Portal Project.

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