Transforming The Way You Collaborate With Microsoft Loop Components In Teams Chat

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Written by Deepti Gopimohan

The brand-new Microsoft Loop offers users a dynamic and adaptable canvas to think, collaborate, and create. This visionary app comes with portable components that move freely across apps while staying in sync. 

Microsoft Loop mainly has three constructs: Loop components, Loop pages, and Loop workspaces. Microsoft has made the Loop components available in Teams chat for desktop and mobile devices. 

Users can send real-time, editable conversations via Loop Components on Teams. Anyone participating in the discussion can modify it online and see changes as they are made, whether it is a table, paragraph, or task list. This new feature makes it super easy to brainstorm, gather information, and reach conclusions. Moreover, users can track the progress and flow of the work together. 

The most recent information is available to everyone, thanks to Microsoft's Loop component. Since the data is always live and up-to-date, the teams can stay connected without worrying about outdated data. You can @mention people in chats to draw their attention, just like in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. And the full Version History feature lets you quickly recover content.  

Teams stores each Loop component in OneDrive, so you can continue your work from wherever you are. Users can find Loo components easily from and the Office mobile app. 

Transforming The Way You Collaborate With Microsoft Loop Components In Teams Chat

How will Loop Component transform collaboration?

The Loop component is an insightful addition to Microsoft Teams. And it’s pretty easy to handle; users just have to click the Live (or Loop) components icon in the ‘Type a new message’ box. You can use the feature to create lists, tables, or just plain content. Some of the collaborative uses of Loop components include:

  • Co-author: Brainstorming with your team? You don’t need to open a word document to collaborate online. Just open the paragraph component on Teams Chat. Now you can start co-authoring content right within the chat thread. 
  • Status Report: When multiple people are working on a project, it is challenging to stay on top of the changes. Users can make use of the Loop component with a collaborative table to keep track of deliverables. Everyone can follow the live table to know the latest on owner status, due date, etc. 
  • Topic Gathering: No team wants to spend their valuable time discussing invalid topics. But with the Loop component, users can crowdsource and brainstorm to collect feedback, ideas, and subjects for the upcoming team meeting. You can carry out productive discussions without having to follow endless chats and messages. 
  • Mini Breakout Room: It’s hard to keep a conversation on track, employees are bound to go off-tangent. The Loop component serves as a small breakout space for teams. It’s a safe zone for employees to chat and participate in discussions. They can digress from topics without losing the thread of the main chat.  

These are just some of the functions of the Loop Component. Organizations can utilize the feature in any which way to improve their creativity and productivity. To know more about Microsoft Loop Component check out the following resources: 

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