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Why Microsoft Teams is Perfect for Contract Management

One of the most powerful integrations available for contract management is Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams provides powerful features that enhance communication and collaboration both internally with your contract management team, and externally with clients, vendors, and other contract stakeholders. Many businesses have produced incredible results and seen vast improvements in their contract lifecycle management strategies by making the transition to Teams.

12 Most Useful Features of Microsoft Lists

When working in the business field, you will oftentimes be required to create and maintain several lists. The method you use to process these lists can significantly impact both the accuracy and accessibility of these data sets. Microsoft Lists offers a wonderful solution that is created for the modern work culture. If you still use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for tracking and recording your data and various list items, then we suggest learning about Microsoft Lists. Here, we will cover the most useful features of Microsoft Lists and how these features can greatly help your organization.

How To Edit SharePoint Pages and News Posts In Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams, your business can experience a brand new collaboration and communication mode. Since transitioning to Teams, many businesses have produced higher-value outputs and improved employee engagement. SharePoint and Teams integration features have made the platform more lively and productive than ever. In this blog post, we will discuss exactly how to edit your SharePoint Pages and News Posts without leaving the Microsoft Teams platform.

How to Organize Your Work Using Microsoft’s Collaborative Work Management Apps

Ever since the pandemic, work culture and modes have changed. However, some basic business elements have slightly shifted or remain unchanged. For example, the way your team communicates, processes data, and collaborates with others is critical. Organizing work based on priority, available data, and requirements is also significant.

Microsoft 365 and its Collaborative Work Management Apps are very effective in helping businesses achieve this with ease. In this blog, we discuss how to organize your business's day-to-day work tasks using Microsoft’s Collaborative Work Management Apps.

5 Power Automate Templates to Stay Informed While Working Remotely

Remote work isn't entirely new for the majority of us. Nowadays, we are trained to work remotely and get everything done the same way we did in our previous office environments. With Microsoft Office 365 and the amazing solutions the software provides, remote work is easier than ever before. Microsoft Office 365 has several features to keep you well-informed while working remotely.

Microsoft Teams is a brilliant communication and collaboration platform where you can manage all of your work in a single location. Let's discuss 5 Power Automate Templates that will keep you informed about various critical activities while working remotely. To watch Power Automate tutorial videos, click here.

4 Ways to Prepare for the Retirement of Skype for Business Online

Skype for Business Online is considered a major milestone for Microsoft. Millions of people use Skype for Business Online to increase efficiency in daily business communications. However, in July 2019, Microsoft announced the retirement of this excellent communication solution.

The end of Skype for Business has been a popular topic in recent years. Business professionals are waiting for Microsoft Teams to officially replace Skype for Business. While it has been 2 years since the retirement of Skype for Business, a large share of users switched to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams is the next level in this great innovation introduced by the company. Currently, there is half a month left for the official retirement of Skype for Business. 

How to Customize the App Store in Microsoft Teams

The Microsoft Teams platform offers several apps that can double productivity and help your team reach objectives. The App store in Teams lets you find hundreds of apps to help communicate, automate, consolidate, and collaborate in different ways. This App store is home to all apps available for you to integrate into your software.

There are several popular apps available in the App store. By using the search function, easily filter through various apps, select an app, install it, then use it within Teams effortlessly.

To learn how to customize apps in Microsoft Teams, click here.

The Teams Apps store is customizable, so you can design it to match your company's branding. 

Let's discuss how to customize the App store in Microsoft Teams.

How to Customize Apps in Microsoft Teams

In Microsoft Teams, you can customize apps to both rebrand and integrate them into your digital workplace. If the app developer allows Teams admins to make customizations to the app, you can set custom preferences to enhance your Teams experience. The biggest advantage in this process is the ability to make these apps looks like an extension of your internal tools. If you already know how to use apps in Microsoft Teams, then knowing the best apps and how to customize them will let you maximize your use of the Teams platform. Isn’t that cool?

Let us discuss how to customize apps in Microsoft Teams.

5 Ways to Boost Collaboration in Microsoft Teams Using Power Automate

Microsoft Services and Productivity Solutions are brilliantly designed to boost your communication and collaboration capabilities. However, to maximize these capabilities, it is necessary to combine several popular Microsoft Solutions such as SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams. One notable tool that enables users to automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks is Power Automate. Let’s discuss five ways to boost collaboration and productivity in the Microsoft Teams platform by using Power Automate templates.

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