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Best Features You Should Expect From A CRM

10/8/19 8:56 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in SharePoint, Custom Intranet Software, Microsoft 365, CRM


Interacting with customers and prospects is a very important part in running a business. It determines how effective you are in maintaining customer relationships. Good customer relationship management can generate positive business contacts and successful deals. A good CRM solution is a must-have for businesses looking forward to building a potential customer base. Here are the best features you should expect from a CRM.

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User Experience in A Multi-Geo Environment Explained

5/9/19 8:30 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365


There is an important requirement to plan Office 365 Multi-Geo for those companies that are preparing their Office 365 tenant to be expanded to additional geographies. This is done according to the company’s presence in order to meet the data residency requirements. Before moving forward with the Multi-Geo plan, it is essential to consider how the end user experience in the Multi-Geo environment will be like. Let’s check what they’ll see in a OneDrive Multi-Geo configuration.

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All About Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics

4/29/19 7:30 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Power BI, Microsoft 365, SharePoint Team Site


Offices 365 is a set of fantastic services that enrich your organization’s communication and collaboration abilities. You can utilize the Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics within Power BI to get valuable insights on how your organization is adopting various Office 365 services. Want to know what are the information and actions you can perform using this feature? Here it is:

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