Blog-Series: Latest Power BI Desktop Feature Updates-Part III

Topics: Power BI

Written by Sneha Gopal


Hello everyone! Welcome to the final blog in the Latest Power BI Desktop Feature Updates Blog Series brought to you by Dock 365!

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Let’s explore exciting custom visuals updates!

Custom visuals 

3AG Systems - Column Chart with Variance

  • Utilize Column Chart with Variance to showcase and compare actual, forecast, planned, and previous year data with ease.
  • It allows you to generate an overlapping column chart using two datasets to display two datasets with a variance chart situated directly aboveCustom Visual

    Scatter Chart by Akvelon

    • View and compare different metrics with the x and y-axes coordinates, saturation and point size using the Scatter Chart custom visual by Akvelon
    • Cross-highlight other visuals on your report page with rectangular selection
    • The visual offers a wide gamut of formatting options and supports drilling, constant lines on both axes.

Scatter Chart

Small Multiples Line Chart

  • With Small Multiples Line Chart by Daniel Marsh-Patrick you can use the same scale and axes to display multiple line charts across the values of a category.
  • Users can easily compare trends and control the number of multiples per row, labels and even the background shading.

Small Multiple Lines

Add Natural Language Summaries for BI

  • Add narratives that explain key insights pertaining to the data displayed in your report with the Add Natural Language Summaries for BI custom visual by Arria NLG .
  • Create your own templates to use in reports or even tweak starter projects with Arria NLG’ Studio. You can incorporate a narrative update based on your report’s filter context.

Natural Languag

PS.You will need an Arria NLG Studio account to use the visual

Pivot Slicer

  • The Pivot Slicer custom visual offers you much more than the conventional built-in slicers. Based on any combination of numerical data attributes, linked data items and categorical data types, you can pivot the slicer dynamically.

Use cases for the slicer include

  • Stack multiple slicers in a single compact visual
  • Explore data rankings that result from weighted combinations of numerical attributes
  • Navigate link structure of item hierarchies and networks
  • Easily compare attribute values, link weights and linked items by pining items in any view

Pivot Slicer

Well that’s all for today. Hope you had a great time reading our blog series. To know more about Power BI or a customizable SharePoint intranet portal aka Dock 365 for your organization, get in touch with our experts today!

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