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All About Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics

4/29/19 7:30 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in Power BI, Microsoft 365, SharePoint Team Site


Offices 365 is a set of fantastic services that enrich your organization’s communication and collaboration abilities. You can utilize the Microsoft 365 Usage Analytics within Power BI to get valuable insights on how your organization is adopting various Office 365 services. Want to know what are the information and actions you can perform using this feature? Here it is:

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Check Out The New Microsoft Graph Security Power BI Connector

2/15/19 11:33 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Intranet Portal, Power BI, Microsoft Graph Security, Power BI Connector


With an aim to enable rapid development of enterprise-wide security reports, Microsoft launched a Microsoft Graph Security connector for Power BI along with a sample dashboard and template.With the new tool, users gain greater visibility into active threats and trends thus enabling them to better manage security and risk.Not just that you can now get a complete picture of your security alerts and secure score information across multiple security solutions with the cool dashboards.Further,you can mash up security data with data from the other Power BI connectors for richer context. The Power BI connector for Microsoft Graph also reduces the time and resources needed to integrate multiple data sources, simplifying the creation of reports across security solutions. 

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Microsoft Introduces Power BI Home & Global Search Feature

10/8/18 7:00 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Power BI, SharePoint


Power BI has completely transformed the way businesses utilize data to derive critical insights and thus make better informed decisions. Not just that easy to implement, Power BI offers robust access control and security through Active Directory (AD).  As an organization grows,it becomes increasingly difficult for end users to discover and manage important Power BI content.

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