Get ready for SharePoint Migration tool Improvements-2019

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Written by Sneha Gopal
What is the SharePoint Migration Tool?

Simplify your journey to the cloud with the SharePoint Migration Tool. It enables you to easily migrate content from on-premises SharePoint sites and file shares to SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365. The tool is a boon when it comes to evaluating and addressing the information that matters the most to your organization including libraries, and lists that form the foundation of the SharePoint experience. Right from the smallest set of files to a large scale enterprise migration, SharePoint Migration Tool will enable you to  bring your information to the cloud. 

Kick start your migration journey today with SharePoint Migration Tool and enjoy the full suite of features and security capabilities that Office 365 offers.


Getting Started with SharePoint Migration Tool

You can download the SharePoint Migration Tool. Take the first step in the right direction and utilize the unmatched collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.


What's new ?  
The year 2019 brings with it exciting new SharePoint Migration Tool improvements. Without further ado, let's explore the new improvements.  

New and Updated UI 

This release of SharePoint Migration Tool  brings to the users a new and improved UI aligned with the Office 365 user experience. It offers new and simplified control service in sync with the visual themes of SharePoint Online.


Start new migrations without having to restart the SharePoint Migration Tool

With the new release, you can now start new migrations without having to restart the migration tool.



Improved interaction flow 

Users are in for a new and improved interaction flow along with simplified setting review experience. The new update will provide  the users easy access and view the settings needed to support their migration scenario.


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