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Migrating File Share Content to SharePoint Online Using Azure Data Box

2/27/19 9:02 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Migration Tool, Azure Data Box


Easily migrate your file share content to SharePoint Online and OneDrive using Azure Data Box and the SharePoint Migration Tool. Moreover using the Data Box, you no longer need to depend on the WAN link to transfer the data. Talking about the  Microsoft Azure Data Box, it is essentially a service that enables you to order a device from the Microsoft Azure portal. You can copy terabytes of data from your servers to the device. Once you ship it back to Microsoft the data is copied into Azure.

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How to Improve  SharePoint & OneDrive Migration Performance?

2/21/19 12:31 PM / by Sneha Gopal posted in SharePoint Intranet Portal, SharePoint Tips, Microsoft OneDrive, SharePoint Migration Tool


There are several factors that need to be considered when migrating content to SharePoint Online and OneDrive. Without further ado, let us discuss the best practices for improving SharePoint and OneDrive migration performance.

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Get ready for SharePoint Migration tool Improvements-2019

1/17/19 7:36 AM / by Sneha Gopal posted in Office 365, SharePoint Intranet, Cloud Migration, SharePoint Migration Tool


What is the SharePoint Migration Tool?

Simplify your journey to the cloud with the SharePoint Migration Tool. It enables you to easily migrate content from on-premises SharePoint sites and file shares to SharePoint or OneDrive in Office 365. The tool is a boon when it comes to evaluating and addressing the information that matters the most to your organization including libraries, and lists that form the foundation of the SharePoint experience.Right from the smallest set of files to a large scale enterprise migration, SharePoint Migration Tool will enable you to  bring your information to the cloud. 

Kick start your migration journey today with SharePoint Migration Tool and enjoy the full suite of features and security capabilities that Office 365 offers.


Getting Started with SharePoint Migration Tool

You can download the SharePoint Migration Tool at Take the first step in the right direction and utilize the unmatched collaboration, intelligence, and security solutions with Office 365.


What's new ?  
The year 2019 brings with it exciting new SharePoint Migration Tool improvements. Without further ado, let's explore the new improvements.  
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