How to Guarantee Search Results in SharePoint Online

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Finding content and resources in the SharePoint Online is an important process. The quicker users get what they need, the better will be their performance and output. One way to maximize efficiency is by showing search results that are relevant. By assuring only the best results are shown, you can reduce the time to find the right items.


You can ensure relevant search results by managing the following elements.

Search Schema

Search schema plays an important role in controlling the way users search, what they search, and how the results are displayed. Manage search schema to view, change or create managed properties, and map crawled properties to managed properties.

Query Suggestions

These are the spelling suggestions that appear below the search box when user types-in search queries. Query suggestion is created when a user chooses the same search result for a query at least 6 times. Managing query suggestions improve the chances of getting better search results.

Query Rules

When a search query matches with the conditions included in a query rule, the search system carries out actions that are assigned to the rule. Each rule consists of conditions and associated actions.

Result Sources

They can limit searches to specific content or to a subset of search results. It is also possible to send queries to external search providers such as Bing using result sources. Global or SharePoint Admin, and a site collection administrator can manage result sources effectively.

SharePoint Online consist of two search experiences: Classic and Modern. Learn more about how to ensure relevant search results in SharePoint Online in the last and final part of this blog series. For now, let’s give you an insight about Dock 365 SharePoint Intranet Portal.

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