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The Newest Updates To The SharePoint Web Parts

10/14/19 9:15 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in SharePoint Online, SharePoint, Intranet Web Portal, Intranet Portal


SharePoint sites have always lived up to the expectations of its users. With the latest updates to its web parts, SharePoint has become more intuitive and expressive. With the new updates, you can share content and news within your organization more impressively. The intention here is to create a more beautiful and rich experience for the users. By exploiting these web parts, you can bring more automation at the same time interactivity to the news and content feeds.

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5 Facts About App Installation Permissions In SharePoint Online

7/17/19 10:00 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in SharePoint Online, SharePoint Blog


SharePoint Sites are enabling organizations and workforces to achieve many fantastic things. By adding apps, you can grab better functionality from SharePoint Sites. Apps are web applications that are easy to use and small. The idea behind the introduction of apps is to allow organizations to customize sites in such a way that is more specific to their functioning. You can find or make apps that will help you process tasks or achieve goals such as better interaction with customers, time tracking, and more. You need permissions from concerned administrators to install an app in SharePoint Online. To make the process easier and effortless, we will make you aware of 5 facts about app installation permissions in SharePoint Online.

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Best Features in Modern SharePoint And Document Library – Part 2

7/4/19 7:44 AM / by Alex K Joseph posted in sharepoint modern sites, SharePoint Online


The Modern SharePoint is here to make you work and manage documents brilliantly with ease. In the first part of this blog series, we explained a handful of new features. This is the second part and it covers the rest of the best features in Modern SharePoint and Document Library.

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