How to Utilize Network Trace Tab in the SharePoint Intranet Page Diagnostics Tool

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Written by Alex K Joseph

You can use the Page Diagnostics Tool to find out instances that are causing slow load times and poor page/site performance in SharePoint. When using SharePoint intranet it is important to utilize network trace tab in the SharePoint Online Page Diagnostics tool. You will see a list of information in the Page Diagnostics Tool that needs to be considered in order to troubleshoot the performance issues. This will also help you to fine-tune your SharePoint Online performance to perfect all the time. In our previous blogs, we taught you about various information links, and the diagnostic tab. Today we will give you information regarding Network trace tab.

Basically, the Network trace tab delivers information regarding the page build requests and responses received. Let’s discuss more about how to utilize Network trace tab in the SharePoint Online Page Diagnostics Tool. Proper maintenance and running diagnostics are an important factor in a successful SharePoint Intranet.

Item load times

The requests and responses play a major part in determining the overall performance. In order to review them well, they are color coded as listed below:

  • Green: < 500ms
  • Yellow: 500-1000ms
  • Red: > 1000ms

You need to look for the item load times marked as red as it is something that needs to be optimized in most cases.

Test item load times

There are also cases when no color code or time is recorded. This happens when the items have already been cached by the browser. In order to test the item load times, you should clear the browser cache after going to the page and clicking on Start again. This will give you a fresh reading and it can be compared to the earlier result to determine which among them is cached by the browser.


Share details with people who can troubleshoot issues

You may sometimes require sharing this information with a technical person, or with your developers. For that, click on Export to JSON, and it will download those results which can be read using a JSON file viewer.

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