How SharePoint Intranet Enhance Team Collaboration?

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Great collaboration and communication are important ingredients for a successful organization. Especially when the organization is working on a mobile enterprise work culture this is crucial. SharePoint Intranet has risen to these expectations of the modern organizations, and they are presenting features and tools that enhance team collaboration to a superior level. Here is how SharePoint Intranet Enhance Team Collaboration.


Central Virtual Location

It is when Microsoft SharePoint is deployed as part of Office 365, it can give more power to teams for collaborating. SharePoint can be used to create virtual space which can be utilized for meetings, processing tasks, and collaborating in all necessary ways. 

Exclusive Access

The exclusivity SharePoint offers to teams need to be appreciated. Any member can create a SharePoint instance to start a new collaboration, discussion, or sharing. Admins can decide who can start such instances.

Set Up Tasks

In most cases, SharePoint instances are created to accomplish individual tasks or a cluster of tasks to achieve a goal. SharePoint consists of tools that let team leaders or admins assign tasks to team members easily. Setting up tasks, assigning them and getting the status of those individual tasks are made very simple.

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Simultaneous Document Editing

As SharePoint is following the same synchronization protocols as Microsoft OneDrive, the changes or edits made to documents and folders are applied to the cloud storage instantaneously. Every workstation and devices part of the network will be updated according to these changes, thus assuring up to date documents to all.

Office 365 Tools

SharePoint and Office 365 together give shape to a super collaborative platform. Office 365 tools simply add more power and productivity to Microsoft SharePoint. For example, different teams can utilize OneNote for document progress, calendar for planning, and Yammer for proper communication.

Microsoft SharePoint Enhance Team Collaboration - Infographics Dock 365

No doubt that SharePoint and Office 365 are giving enterprises great abilities in collaboration and communication. Dock 365 is a brilliant intranet developed to take advantage of their innovative features. SharePoint Intranet can enhance the team collaboration in an organization.

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