Tips for Adding an App to a SharePoint Intranet Site

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Written by Alex K Joseph

Do you know what are some of the most amazing features of Apps for SharePoint? These user-friendly and standalone apps are small. Still, they can perform specific actions and business tasks with utmost ease and efficiency. You can insert apps to SharePoint sites for purposes like displaying different information or news, and document-based tasks. Customize these apps to make them ideal for your work requirements, and that is what makes these apps flexible. These apps & features enables organizations to customize their own SharePoint intranet portals.

Factors to Consider Before Adding an App to a SharePoint Site

Basic understanding

Consider the objectives you want to accomplish by adding an app to a SharePoint Site. This insight is important to achieve the best results at any cost. Once an app is added to a site, you can find it by going to Settings > Site Contents. Select the app to see the app page. A SharePoint Intranet portal should minimize the efforts of the employees, simplify their daily tasks.

Sources for adding an app

You can pick an app for adding to a SharePoint Site from various locations or sources. Some organizations might have already developed custom apps for specific internal business requirements. In that case, you can get it from your organization’s App catalog. The SharePoint Store consists of a good number of third-party developers who deliver good apps. Moreover, the native SharePoint features like document libraries and lists are now considered as Built-in apps. Utilize the Add an app command to add them to the site.

Steps to add an app

To add an app to a site, go to the site and choose Settings > Add an app. From the Your Apps page you can pick the suitable option. If you are looking forward to adding a built-in SharePoint app, search the app name in the search box and select the app to add it to the page. Provide required information to complete the process.

In case you are about to add an app, custom made by your organization, select From your organization and pick the desired app from the filtered list. You can also add an app to your site from the SharePoint Store. Learn about the app and check reviews before trusting and buying an app. Log in with your Microsoft account to complete the buying process and make it available in the site.

We understand that productivity and efficiency is your priority. That is why a SharePoint intranet would be a great investment for your business.

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