New Outlook Mobile Design is all about Power and Simplicity

Topics: Office 365, Outlook Mobile Design, User Experience

Written by Sneha Gopal

Great mobile experience is not about shrinking desktop designs. It involves understanding unique mobile designs and constraints as well. Design is becoming the heart and soul of Office 365. Keeping in tune with the design-driven journey, Microsoft introduced exciting updates to Outlook for iOS like swipe and scroll usability, recognizable avatars.

Implementing the core mobile-first design principles, Outlook mobile offers a powerful experience that enables users to get in and out of the app effortlessly. 

Without further ado, let's explore the new features

 Introducing new sensory feedback




The new sensory feedback in Outlook creates a resonant experience with the device. When a user swipes right or left on an email, subtle changes in terms of  color, shape, and iconography can be seen. Further, the corners of the message transform from hard-edged to soft and round.

 Improved usability of core experience 

The iOS refresh brings improved usability of numerous core experiences. For a user with a single account, the app is personalized with their avatar. In case the user has multiple accounts and is personalized with your avatar. the new update will help users to easily switch between them. Bright, bold avatars have been added to contacts so a user can instantly identify and recognize Bright, bold avatars are added to contacts  so that a user can instantly identify  top contacts in search, senders in the message or attendees in meeting invites.

 Vibrant user Experience




With the understanding that people use numerous apps on their devices, Outlook for IOS utilizes bold color. It comes with a strong app header,typography that enables users to easily identify Outlook while switching between apps. 

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