Empower Your Team with the New SharePoint ‘Links and Announcement Lists’ Feature

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Written by Sajin Sahadevan

Do you find yourself wishing you had more power to make your list into links and create announcements for your team with ease? Thanks to Microsoft’s latest updates that compliment SharePoint’s latest features, it works in the same way as your default list. Yet, it’s so much more than that.

New SharePoint Links and Announcement Lists Feature

Team Announcements

The latest look and feel for SharePoint Announcements List

Last year, Microsoft introduced ‘Quick Links and News’. But now, the ‘Links and Announcement Lists’ feature offers improved capabilities to provide dynamic information about related sites. Including team updates on any pages, which can be shared to any device on a SharePoint portal. This feature is not intended to replace the existing ‘Quick Links and News’, but to provide a consistent experience with other SharePoint features.

Please note that the new ‘Links and Announcement Lists’ aren’t supported by the current ‘Lists Webpart’. Use ‘Quick Links’ or ‘News Webparts’ if you need to add links or updates in a ‘Webpart’ of a modern SharePoint page. 

The latest update eliminates the need for auto-fallback. If you haven’t tried this out, ask your SharePoint Expert to choose the default experience for ‘Announcements and Link’ lists. Follow this article to learn more about this feature !

How Effective is the Change?

These list types have been available in SharePoint for a while. With the modern experiences, it brings them in parallel with the rest of the SharePoint elements that has been updated recently. It allows the team sites to leverage better page performance, responsiveness, consistency and accessibility. I’m sure everyone is already seeing these changes and loving it!

Should I Stick with this Change?

Ultimately, it’s up to you whether you to stick with this change or not. You don’t have to prepare anything for these features. You may choose to remain in the classic mode if you wish.  

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