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A Basic Guide to Communication Sites in SharePoint Online

SharePoint offers users a ton of tools for sharing and presenting information with users in your organization. One of the best tools that they offer for this is the Communication Site. Communication Sites in SharePoint Online are fantastic tools for presentations, news, company events, and more. Let's take a look at what a Communication Site is and how you can build one.

How to Restore and Undo Changes Made to Pages in SharePoint Online

SharePoint offers users an almost unparalleled amount of control over the pages you create and edit. Although building pages is incredibly simple, mistakes still happen. Wouldn't it be great if you could make it so they never happened? Thankfully, SharePoint Online offers users a ton of option for doing so. Let's take a look at how you can restore and undo changes made to pages in SharePoint Online.

How to Restore a Document Library in SharePoint Online

Look, we get it, mistakes happen. Not everyone is an expert in using SharePoint. Inevitably, there will come a time when an inexperienced user clicks the wrong thing in a Document Library and blows everything up. Okay, maybe it's not "inevitable," but it's definitely happened at more than one organization. Luckily for anyone in that situation, there's a way to fix everything. Not by making it right, but by resetting everything back to when it was working. The recently implemented Library restore feature in SharePoint Online can help you turn back time to when your Document Library was perfect and pristine. Let's take a look at the feature and how to use it.

A Basic Guide to Site Management in SharePoint Online

SharePoint is a powerful tool for keeping your company organized and connected. One of the primary features that helps with this is SharePoint Sites. SharePoint Sites are powerful tools that allow you to engage in all sorts of business activities. Let's take a look at SharePoint Sites and how you can get started using them today.

A Basic Guide to User and Group Management in SharePoint Online

Some of the questions we get asked the most here at Dock 365 relate back to how to manage users and groups in SharePoint Online. To help answer some of those questions, we put together this basic guide for users to refer back to. With that said, let's take a look at basic user management in SharePoint Online.

3 Ways to Follow Documents in SharePoint to Track Them

Which is the capability of SharePoint that amazed you the most? For us, it is the document management capability. We have tried different solutions and methods to organize and manage documents in our organization, but nothing worked as good as Microsoft SharePoint. There are plenty of features related to document management, sharing, and collaboration capability in SharePoint. Today we are about to discuss the top 3 ways to follow documents in SharePoint to track them effectively. We will tell you when you will need this option the most. Suppose you are navigating through your organization’s SharePoint sites and you found a document that is interesting to you, and you wish to track its updates from now. All you need is to follow the document. Bookmarking is also a great option. Let us give you a brief idea about the benefits you can avail by following a document in SharePoint.

A Basic Guide to SharePoint Start Pages

SharePoint is a great tool for giving users access to all of their information in one central place. One of the best tools that it offers is the SharePoint Start Page. The SharePoint Start Page is a great way to gain access to all of your data from one page. Let's take a look at what the SharePoint Start Page is and why you should use one.

A Basic Guide to SharePoint Home Sites

SharePoint offers users a ton of options for building and customizing your company intranet. Many of these options are great for building engagement and helping employees get invested in your mission. One of the best tools for doing this is to implement a SharePoint Home Site for your intranet. Let's take a look at what that is and what you need to do to create one in SharePoint Online.

The Default SharePoint Features You Should Not Remove

We love SharePoint because it is simple at the same time powerful enough to handle a lot of stuff at a time. Though the default setup of the Microsoft SharePoint is not very easy to configure or understand sometimes, it is still very effective and consists of huge potential. When you go into your SharePoint Sites, there will be a lot of options, and elements on each page or site that are placed permanently. Sometimes, they might seem like unwanted elements on that page, but these default SharePoint features are adding value to the overall experience and changing them without understanding their functionality might cause problems. In this blog post, we would like to tell you about some of the major default SharePoint Features you should not remove for getting the best experience possible in the long run.

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