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How to Create a Collapsible FAQ Section in SharePoint Online

An easy way to help your audience find solutions to common issues is to provide an FAQ. Configuring an FAQ section wherever it is applicable is fairly simple. Product pages, home pages, help centers, and customer support portals are some of the common areas where an FAQ can be very helpful. With the assistance of the FAQ, you can provide your users with the support and answers they need, instantly.

How To Create a Megamenu in SharePoint Online

In recent years, Microsoft SharePoint has significantly improved, offering a more user-friendly UI. Today's SharePoint pages are easier to use and edit in comparison to classic SharePoint pages. While many users enjoy the classic SharePoint experience, the need for the SharePoint modern UI cannot be dismissed. In this blog, we will show you how to create a megamenu in SharePoint Online and how to optimize its configuration.

How To Use SharePoint File Insights

Microsoft SharePoint offers efficient file management and accessibility. Today, leading businesses and organizations use SharePoint to enhance document sharing and collaboration. In this blog, we will discuss a lesser-known feature of SharePoint: SharePoint file insights. This feature may be familiar to you if you are a regular SharePoint user. The purpose of this feature is to provide a quick overview of files and content before opening them.  

How to Notify Users Instantly After Uploading a File to SharePoint

Sharing files with your colleagues is easy when you have a Microsoft 365 subscription. SharePoint offers amazing file sharing and collaboration features for businesses and organizations. By utilizing SharePoint sites, document libraries, and advanced permission settings, businesses can double their productivity. It's critical that everyone is kept up to date on ongoing activities and that files are shared properly throughout your organization.

How To Change A SharePoint Site Address

Any business can leverage Microsoft 365 solutions and tools to increase efficiency. Microsoft 365’s productivity and collaboration capabilities can improve organizational prioritization and effective use of company resources. SharePoint sites work to create dedicated collaboration environments that bring your teams together. They consist of the characteristics of a standard website and beyond, and site address or URL is a factor to consider here too. Site address not only lets you find sites easily, but it can also express a quick idea about the intentions and objectives behind the site.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how to change SharePoint site URL from the new SharePoint Admin Center.

How to Require Users to Check Out Files Before Editing

Microsoft 365 offers a bundle of collaboration tools and applications that businesses need most in these modern times. We all have heard of or experienced concepts such as document collaboration, cloud storage, and remote working in today's digitally dominant work environment. With Microsoft 365, users will certainly have the best experiences to share regarding these popular productivity concepts.

At Dock, we have used Microsoft 365 solutions for many years. We have no doubt that Microsoft is superior for providing productivity and collaboration solutions for businesses. Moreover, Microsoft's security features are impeccable, virtually unmatched by any other in the industry. This is one key reason why we develop contract management and intranet solutions that are powered by Microsoft services like SharePoint and Office 365.

What You Should Know About SharePoint Admin Role in Microsoft 365

Microsoft SharePoint is outstanding when it comes to letting people work together. As it is now a major hub for businesses to empower teamwork and coordination of work, understanding how this platform is run is important. You should know the people who will be playing a critical role in its easy running too. SharePoint Admins have many key responsibilities and tasks to perform when it comes to day-to-day effectiveness in managing such a platform. We will tell you what you should know about SharePoint Admin Role in Microsoft 365.

Limits and Boundaries of SharePoint Online You Should Know

What is your opinion about Microsoft SharePoint or Office 365 as a whole? We do not doubt that these services and products are fantastic when it comes to quality and the capabilities they are offering. They are unmatched and out of the world in many areas. Microsoft’s security features, updates, and features are exceptional. However, as with most products or technologies, there are some limits or border lines for these services too. They are not drawbacks for sure but having a proper understanding of these limitations or restraints will help you to avoid unnecessary issues and problems in a long time to come. We are about to discuss the Limits and Boundaries of SharePoint Online you should know and how to overcome them with some easy precautions and intelligent practices. Let us get started.


A Basic Guide to Workflows in SharePoint Online

If there is one SharePoint concept that people ask us about the most it's workflows. When it comes to workflows in SharePoint Online, most people aren't sure what they are or how to use them. We've already written about how to create basic workflows, but we wanted to provide a more in-depth explanation of what they are and how they work. That said, let's take a look at workflows in SharePoint Online and how you can get started using them.



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