Three Reasons Why Your School District Needs an Employee Portal

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Written by Jessica Northey


Managing a variety of employees such as full-time teachers, substitute teachers as well as the IT staff to office employees can be a lot to manage. They each have unique support and benefits available to them, but how can you organize it in a way they can manage? You may even be wondering how you can bring together your school district to improve employee collaboration and their communication from the top down as well as among themselves.

This is where a custom employee portal comes in to save time and money so your staff can get back to what’s most important; teaching children to become successful students.


1. Create engaging videos for employee training and certifications

Your school staff and employees can use an intranet portal for one easy-to-access place for training videos. They’ll have the ability to register or unregister for training sessions. It’s simple to include engaging videos within one place from teacher certification updates to more general training about being about to learn about better communication skills. It’s simple for the employee portal admin to upload videos and edit the descriptions, include instructor’s name and start and end times within the employee portal and share with staff.

2. Custom HR portal for benefits, time off requests and payroll made easy

This is the area within the employee portal that houses all HR requests and documents. Employees can find any type of benefit document they may need. It also has the added benefit for the HR staff admin to be able to keep these documents up-to-date in one central location. Time off requests are simple to enter and the appropriate manager will receive an alert to easily approve or deny. The payroll section gives the HR admin the ability to manage documents such as weekly wages spreadsheets to track hours worked and pay rates.

3. Connect school-wide events and news through newsletters, alerts and blogs

On the home page of the company intranet your teachers and staff can access sections such as upcoming events organized by dates for reminders. There’s a ‘News and Announcement’ section where newsletters and blogs are displayed. This is a fantastic opportunity to let your staff know about students of the month, the latest technology to help teachers, or information about ways for them to be involved in the community. The employee portal admin can add the latest school related content by clicking a simple button and entering the appropriate information to be displayed. Bous: There’s a section to display all your staff birthdays!


Additional customized employee portal sections

In addition to the benefits mentioned previously, the SharePoint with Dock intranet comes with an easy accessible home page. It includes the employee directory, policies and procedures, your employee handbook, expense reporting, time off request, phone directory, FAQs, projects, tasks and more. This allows your staff to use the online communication tools to find the documents they’re searching for so they can move on to more important aspects of their job. Take the guess work out of the standard SharePoint intranet portal by contacting Dock for a custom, easy-to-use employee portal that will have your staff up and running in no time.

Dock 365 with Microsoft SharePoint intranet

Microsoft SharePoint is good but with Dock it’s exceptional. Dock is an easy-to-use solution to the complicated backend of SharePoint portal. We have 16 years of experience working with small to large businesses to create one-of-a-kind company intranets. We have received feedback about the struggles of employees adopting recent technology. We understand how SharePoint can be confusing and difficult to personalize. We’ve spent years learning what businesses need in an intranet portal and created the perfect, out-of-the-box solution: Dock 365.

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