How SharePoint Intranet Portal Helps Heavy Equipment Firms Attain Productivity

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Written by Sajin Sahadevan

Microsoft SharePoint Online is inevitable for every business these days. It is a perfect suite for efficient, flexible and cost-effective application for your business. However, we're going to discuss how a dedicated intranet portal can specifically assist those working in the heavy equipment industry.

Why SharePoint Intranet Portal?

  1. SharePoint Online comes with your existing Office 365

According to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, SharePoint is the leading Enterprise Content Management System. What’s the best part? Fortune 500 Companies are using it and seeing the benefits.

You should be checking with your IT guy, if you are using Office 365 to make sure you own SharePoint Online! If yes, you don’t need to look for any other solution and waste money.

  1. Easy to Integrate with your existing solutions

If you are an existing Dynamics ERP, Oracle, ESRI or SAP customer, good news is SharePoint can be integrated with your existing solutions.

  1. Collaboration Tools – Readily available

Microsoft SharePoint, compared to other tools has document management capabilities available out of the box. Data is stored in SharePoint (Azure) or SQL Server (On-Prem). SharePoint Online can be used for collaborating across departments, regions and external users (3rd Party).

  1. Great features readily available

You don’t need to rely on heavy customizations (coding). You will be able to leverage features such as:

 a. SharePoint Communities

These will be forums where the operations team can share documents and boost communication.

b.SharePoint Sites

Custom pages built with features such as news, events, alerts and also to share data.

c. SharePoint Insights - Integration

SharePoint can leverage the readily available tools for reporting and access web-enabled Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project, Access and Visio.

d.SharePoint Search

The Enterprise level search feature is available on Microsoft SharePoint.

e.Content Management

SharePoint has got a dedicated document management feature that includes forms (works both on-prem and online) and workflows.

  1. Custom Features

You can have several custom SharePoint features tailored for the Heavy Equipment Firms. Some of them are:

  1. Equipment Information Portal and
  2. Shift Calendars
a. Equipment Information Portal

The Equipment Information Portal is an essential SharePoint based feature for a Heavy Equipment Firm. It consists of:

  1. Dashboard – List of Equipment, it’s build date, manufacturer, maintenance date, current location, owner, renewal date etc.
  2. Equipment Information Page – It lists out all the information related to the equipment including the latest image.
  3. Calendar – The calendar app shows the availability of the equipment (Using Resource Management feature in Office 365).
  4. Document Center – List of documents related to the particular equipment.

b. Shift Calendars

Using SharePoint’s default Calendar feature, it can be transformed into Shift Calendars where resources can be allocated to the tasks or locations.

  1. Security

Microsoft SharePoint is a secure solution and you will be able to set security policies at content, site, document libraries and field levels. Also, SharePoint is hosted on Microsoft Azure which is the industry-leading cloud platform.

  1. Flexibility

Compared to SharePoint, other enterprise solutions force you to use their application the way they have built it. If you wish to change the workflows or the structure, it’s going to cost you a lot of money and your request gets added to the product roadmap and might not be included in the future releases.

But SharePoint is designed to be flexible in terms of customization and integration. You will be able to customize without intimating Microsoft to do so.

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