SharePoint Spaces-Bringing Mixed Reality Experiences to Anyone on Any Device

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Written by Sneha Gopal

SharePoint is the first and last choice of over 400,000 customer organizations across the globe when it comes to content services and collaboration. Innovation at its heart, SharePoint led to a paradigm shift in the industry by bringing enterprise content management to the cloud and incorporating AI into  collaboration with the Microsoft Graph.

Microsoft takes innovation a step further with SharePoint spaces. Mixed reality goes mainstream with SharePoint Spaces. It empowers everyone to create visually compelling spaces and also has the power to transform work for everyone. 


The platform enables users to build mixed reality experiences in minutes.“SharePoint mainstreams mixed reality, empowering everyone to create visually compelling spaces that are available to anyone, on any device,” said Jeff Teper, Corporate Vice President for OneDrive, SharePoint, and Office.

Engage and interact with  documents, data, and video in real-time.The new mixed reality SharePoint spaces  offers an unsurpassed immersive experience that will focus user attention,engage their senses, spark curiosity and help them unlock new horizons of  learning, communication and collaboration. 

Let's explore some of the areas where SharePoint spaces can do wonders. 


Recruiting and on-boarding

Give your employees a  compelling, 360-degree virtual welcome and orientation. This can include 3D maps of the campus,360-degree video message from leadership,interactive organization charts to help them know more about the organizational structure, employees and  organization’s products/services.


Product development

Empower your employees with a space to spark innovation.Enable them to look at  data, and processes from every angle, explore prototype in 3D, visualize improvements and identify new opportunities.



Bring learning to life with SharePoint spaces.Provide learners with a broad perspective with a  panoramic view of a topic and learning objectives.The platform helps you not just learn by reading or watching, but by experiencing things. Ignite your curiosity , derive new insights and unlock new horizons of learning.

You no longer need to spend huge money to develop  customized mixed reality environments.With SharePoint spaces, you can now build immersive experiences with  ambient sounds, rich textures, and lighting in no time. You can then add content which may include files/documents/data already stored in SharePoint.  SharePoint spaces offer an amazing platform to view and interact with 3D content that may be too dynamic to experience in a two-dimensional environment.


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