Get Started with A Plan in Microsoft Planner

Topics: Office 365, SharePoint Tips, SharePoint, Microsoft 365

Microsoft Planner enables you to create a plan, assign tasks, make teams and a lot more things in just simple steps. This week we would like to give you tips to get started with a plan in Microsoft Planner and to add tasks to a plan.

  • Sign in to planner, there you can see a plan for each Office 365 Group.
  • Get started by choosing a plan listed under Favorite plans / All plans.
  • You can also start a new plan by selecting New plan.
  • An Office 365 group is created along with each new plan.

How to create a new plan and group

  • Give a name to the plan.
  • Choose whether to add your plan to an existing group or to create a new group.
  • Select who can view your plan.
  • Go to Options to add a description and click on Create a plan.

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How to add a plan to an existing group

  • Name your plan and choose Add to an existing Office 365 Group.
  • Choose a group page will open.
  • Search for preferred group or choose one that is listed.
  • Select Choose Group and then Create plan.

Tips to add tasks to a plan

  • Enter a task name in the text box under To do and click on Add task.
  • Enter different task details.
  • You can opt-out or include task details based on your preference.
  • Consider how you want these tasks to appear on the board before utilizing the options.